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Why Dimitri From The Vampire Academy Series Looks So Familiar

Peacock's "Vampire Academy" may take the source material with a grain of salt, but that didn't stop Kieron Moore from approaching his character with the utmost sincerity. In opposition to the vampire fantasy flop of the same name, the television series veers into "Bridgerton"-mania with court intrigue, romance, and scandal. 

Moore plays Dimitri, the stoic Guardian tasked with training brash and impulsive Rose (Sisi Stringer) in her grand destiny. The relationship may veer into a forbidden romance that is slightly unethical, but that is vampire drama. Moore was delighted with the part, feeling he had big shoes to fill.

"Not only is Dimitri cherished by so many book fans, but a lot of people loved Danila [Kozlovskiy]," Moore told Collider of the feature film version. "He was a perfect match for their interpretation of the books. I was just all about getting as much information as I possibly could about the Dimitri that is cherished by people and that essence of him. I think that's so important." 

It's unlikely that anyone would disagree. Moore fills the dreamy shoes of Rose's paramour easily, so it may be a surprise that he considers this his first "real" acting job. While it may be his breakout role, Moore had a few jobs that put him on the map, like in "The Sandman" and "Sex Education."

He appeared in the best episode of The Sandman

When "The Sandman" finally found its way to Netflix, it was a dream that only Morpheus himself could produce. Based on the inventive comic from Neil Gaiman, there were numerous reasons why "The Sandman" was not adapted into a movie. On the small screen, however, Gaiman's vision could be achieved. 

Netflix's "The Sandman" is faithful, probably because Gaiman is so involved creatively. Several episodes rely specifically on the characters, such as "The Sound of Her Wings." Here, Dream (Tom Sturridge) spends his time with his sister, Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), who shows him that humanity is not what he expects. After overhearing a man from the 1300s, Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley), decide he will never die, Death grants him immortality. 

The episode is such a feat that even small roles are integral to the plot. Kieron Moore plays one of these roles. He portrays Crispin, a barfly and friend of Hob. He and his friends find Hob's idea of immortality laughable. This episode sets itself apart with its moving storytelling and commitment to character as Dream goes through Death's experiences and calls Hob a friend.

Dylan didn't get enough Sex Education

An antidote to many raunchy teen comedies, "Sex Education" shows teenagers coming of age in a different light. The son of a sex therapist, Otis (Asa Butterfield) has all the knowledge and none of the know-how in regard to sex. He then opens the door for his friends to many progressive conversations about orientation, safety, and sex positivity. These serious subjects combined with the humorous heart of the series are what make "Sex Education" so gratifying. Creator Laurie Nunn's tactful handling of the female experience additionally makes the series extremely supportive.

"Women have always known this stuff," Nunn said to The Guardian. "We've brought it to the surface now, and we're saying, 'OK men, look at it. Think about it. Deal with it.'" 

The series has been a jumping off point for many actors, such as Simone Ashley. Also on the rotation is Kieron Moore's Dylan, the class prankster. He is a foil for Adam (Connor Swindells), who stops engaging in shenanigans part-way through the series. More concerned with playing games in class, Dylan's foolishness shows how much Adam has grown as a character. Following the two-episode stint in the series, Moore proved he could take on more prominent roles.

He got his start in soap operas and short films

When Kieron Moore stated that "Vampire Academy" was the first part he could call his own, he wasn't kidding. There is no doubt he has risen quickly, which is a credit to the roles that got him started in the business and allowed "Vampire Academy" writers Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre to find untapped potential. 

"[I] realized just how powerful he was and how much coiled energy he had, and how deeply, deeply sexy that coiled energy is," Plec told J-14 Magazine. As they tell it, Moore was all but undiscovered at the time. "I couldn't even find Kieron on the Internet. It was like he didn't exist before he auditioned."

That is basically true. In addition to "Sex Education" and "The Sandman," Moore had only been in one episode of the soap opera "Emmerdale Farm" and a collection of short films including "Cold Blow Lane." The six-minute short features Kieron as Liam, a hooligan whose hard lifestyle leads to a bloody death. 

So early in his career, Moore has shown versatility. Though Dimitri in "Vampire Academy" and Liam are both brawlers in their own way, they show juxtaposing personalities. Dimitri is the picture of restraint while Liam is a hotheaded gang member. "Vampire Academy" may be canceled on Peacock, but this can only be the start of a flourishing career.