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Chicago Med: Why The Series Can Only Let Nick Gehlfuss Show Off One Of His Tattoos

NBC's "Chicago Med" continues to be one of the best-loved medical dramas on the network airwaves. And Nick Gehlfuss has appeared in every single episode that's made it to air. The actor, of course, portrays Gaffney Medical Center's Emergency Department heavy Dr. Will Halstead, who's been a focal point of the "Chicago Med" narrative since the series debuted.

Over the years, the character has become a legit fan-favorite in the "One Chicago" universe, with some diehard fans obsessing over even minute details about the character. That includes the small crucifix tattoo he has on his left-hand middle finger. And said tattoo indeed came up during Gehlfuss' recent interview with Nikea Nichelle when a fan sent in a question asking not only if said tattoo is real but if it's the actor's only one. As Gehlfuss responded, the tattoo is real, and it's one of two he's gotten over the years, stating, "I have two ... the both of them are mine."

As for the tattoo fans see on Will's finger in "Chicago Med," apparently you can only see it because it fits his character's story, with Gehlfuss claiming, "And the one on the finger which is the reason you can see it on the show is because Will's Irish Catholic, so it works for the character." The actor goes on to note the tattoo is not about religion for him personally but rather a "memorial" to his late uncle.

Chicago Med creatives have a good reason for covering up Gehlfuss' other tattoo

Given the tattoo's deeply personal meaning for Nick Gehlfuss, it's safe to assume he enjoys displaying it for all the world to see. And despite the tattoo not being particularly large, the actor surely isn't complaining about not needing to spend time in the makeup chair to cover it up before shooting scenes on "Chicago Med." That it also bolsters his character's background is seemingly just a welcome bonus for both him and series creatives.

However, the same cannot be said of Gehlfuss' other tattoo, which would likely be quite visible on his wrist if not for the work of the series' makeup team. As he explains to Nikea Nichelle, the problem with his other tattoo is that it's an outline of the state of Ohio. Turns out, Gehlfuss was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio so that tattoo stands as a constant reminder of where he came from. Unfortunately for Gehlfuss, that little fact would stand in direct conflict with Dr. Will Halstead's own backstory, primarily that he's a born-and-bred Chicago native. And quite frankly, nothing screams, "I'm really not from Chicago!" quite like a tattoo of Ohio.

That obvious character conflict was certainly not lost on Gehlfuss' interview partner and "Chicago Med" co-star Jessy Schram, who laughingly said, "That's just not Will." Gehlfuss soon followed with his own, "Nope." Even still, that little tattoo nugget will surely intrigue "Chicago Med" fans desperate to know any and everything about Will Halstead and the man who plays him.