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Blue Bloods: How Is Joe Hill Related To Frank Reagan?

In nearly a decade and a half of "Blue Bloods" episodes, fans have been treated to one of the most extraordinary families in television memory with the Reagans. Of course, there are the mainstays: Henry (Len Cariou), his son Frank (Tom Selleck), and the children who sit around the table. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) works the detective desk, Erin Reagan (Bridgette Moynahan) works in the DA's Office, and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) patrols the street. But in later episodes, another connection to the Reagan family appeared.

Joe Hill (Will Hochman) showed up as a driven and capable officer, showing that he had the ability to rise in the ranks of the department in ways that others couldn't. From the moment the viewers meet Hill, it is clear that there is more to him than meets the eye. Eventually, it is revealed that he is related to Commissioner Frank Reagan.

But how is he related to the Commish? He brings back both pain and pride when Frank discovers that his son, who died in the line of duty before the premier of the series, had a son of his own. Joe Hill, who went by his mother's maiden name, was unaware of the connection. When he discovers his grandfather is the one and only Frank Reagan, he mirrors the feelings of the viewers by being shaken and unsure of what to think.

Joe Hill has helped complete the Reagan family tree

The revelation that Joe Hill is Joe Reagan's son brings up many feelings for both the fans and the Reagans. The first season of the series saw the Reagan family searching for their son and brother's killer, discovering finally that it was a group of corrupt police officers called The Blue Templars. Since finding the killers, Joe Reagan has all but disappeared from the series, having been relegated to passing mentions at family dinners.

Hill has shown up 14 times since his initial appearance and has become a fan favorite. While he isn't a regular yet, he has forced Frank to make difficult decisions — something showrunner Kevin Wade says was intentional. In speaking with TVLine, Wade said, "It was almost like, 'Forget the police commissioner stuff. What does a grandfather do with his grandson when in his life and under his command, the boy's father — and his own son — was lost in the line of duty?' What we tried to write, and certainly what Tom [Selleck] played, was 99% a family man faced with his worst nightmare... It's a very deep-seated fear of what life can hand you because he was handed [it] once already."

Joe Hill's presence has a way of completing the Reagan family tree, and it seems that it's only a matter of time before the actor is back for a regular role.