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Fast X: Is Jason Momoa Really Riding A Motorcycle For Those High-Speed Scenes?

While all roads are coming to an end, "Fast X" is just the start for Jason Momoa.

After conquering the ocean as DC's Aquaman, Momoa is next set to take over the roads in "Fast X," the tenth film in the "Fast and Furious" franchise. The upcoming entry sees Momoa taking a turn as a villain, stepping into the shoes of Dante Reyes. Why does Dante have beef with Dom (Vin Diesel) and the rest of the family? As the son of Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), the villain from "Fast Five," Dante is hell-bent on destroying Dom and his clan of super thieves/spies/heroes.

What's made Dante stand out so far in the lead-up to "Fast X" is the character's slick fashion sense and cool motorcycle stunts. In the film, Dante can be seen racing through the streets of Rome, Italy, as he evades the Fast Gang. While one would assume a stunt double is behind those pulse-pounding chases, it turns out that Momoa is responsible for a key portion of those bike stunts. "I'm riding in Rome on a Harley ripping through centuries-old cobbled streets," the actor told Men's Health.

Momoa confirmed that his stunt double Joe Bucaro was responsible for some of the more intense stunts in "Fast X" which makes sense considering the stuntman has been a veteran of the industry for over three decades. Audiences have seen Bucaro do motorcycle stuntwork for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and "Banshee" in the past.

Jason Momoa is a motorcycle junkie

"But the other half of the time, I'm riding at top speed through Rome—that's me," Jason Momoa continued. "I couldn't believe [director] Louis [Leterrier] let me do it." Lucky for Momoa, his director has nothing but positive things to say about his performance in the upcoming action flick. "He's also a fantastic action actor—he will perform all his stunts, he will ride his bikes, he will drive his cars, he will sing his own songs. He's just a force," Leterrier said, teasing Momoa's character.

The Dante actor even mentioned how Leterrier was concerned if Momoa was insured to do his stuntwork. Hardcore fans of Momoa shouldn't be surprised to learn that the actor was responsible for a portion of his "Fast X" motorcycle scenes. After all, the "Game of Thrones" actor has never shied away from his love of motorcycles (just take a look at his Instagram), with his favorite brand being Harley-Davidson. According to Men's Journal, the actor boasts an impressive collection of bikes, which also happens to include the iconic 1916 MODEL J motorcycle.

With the release of "Fast X," it'll be interesting to see just how much of Momoa's unique personality shines as he becomes Dante. Seeing as the 10th film in the franchise is set to spawn an 11th, only time will tell if Dante remains a foe or becomes a friend by the time the franchise wraps up.  

"Fast X" hits cinemas on May 19 2023.