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Who Plays Brimsley In Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story?

"Bridgerton" spinoff "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story" premiered to Netflix in its entirety on May 4, 2023, following hot on the heels of its parent series' second season, which hit the streaming service in March of 2022. When Netflix first confirmed "Queen Charlotte," fans were excited despite the fate of King George III (Corey Mylchreest), knowing that a decline in both his physical and mental health factored into his historical counterpart's life. That said, as evidenced by its name, "Queen Charlotte," while about George III, is not told through his perspective, but that of his wife Queen Charlotte — younger, at first, and played by India Amarteifio, with original "Bridgerton" actor Golda Rosheuva taking over the older version of the character.

Also returning from the mainline "Bridgerton" series is Queen Charlotte's butler, Brimsley. While "Queen Charlotte" may take place prior to the timeline of first episode of "Bridgerton," hence a new actor portraying a younger version of the queen, actor Hugh Sachs plays Brimsley once again, reprising his role from the first two "Bridgerton" seasons.

Sachs is something of a workhorse in the realm of TV, rarely playing leading men, but lending his talent to plenty of successful series over the course of his decades-long acting career.

Hugh Sachs is building upon a sizable filmography largely defined by his TV work

Brimsley actor Hugh Sachs kicked off his career in the '90s, appearing for small runs on a number of popular British shows like "Minder," "Demob," and "Pie in the Sky." While he showed up in a few — again, largely British — feature films starting then and continuing into the next couple of decades, his filmography is predominately defined by TV work, including roles on shows like "Rome" and even recent "Star Wars" series "Andor."

One of his most sizable parts is on the British TV show "Benidorm," about a resort hotel in Benidorm, Spain. He plays a frequent hotel guest, a hairdresser named Gavin Ramsbottom, across its first five seasons. He serves as a regular cast member during this time for a run of 34 episodes in total.

"Bridgerton" is his next biggest role in terms of number of appearances, totalling 14 episodes. Now, returning for "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story," with the possibility of more "Bridgerton" seasons and/or spinoffs in his future, it's entirely possible that his work as Brimsley may well become the role that defines his career in most viewers' eyes.