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Star Wars Visions S2: I Am Your Mother Honors Carrie Fisher With Space Underwear

Arriving just in time for every "Star Wars" fan's favorite holiday, "Star Wars: Visions" Season 2 has dropped on Disney+. And just as with the previous season, this edition is full of some of the best-animated stories dedicated to that special galaxy far, far away. There's no doubt that fans will have plenty of fun going through each episode, but when it comes to deep Easter eggs, there's definitely one that deserves their attention. The new season's fourth episode, "I Am Your Mother," is a charming stop-motion trip that brings warmth to "Visions," focusing on family racing and a mother-daughter relationship. However, in addition, it's got a clever tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.

In the episode, fans might have noticed falling space underwear appearing a few times. And no, this doesn't necessarily mean someone hit an interstellar laundromat. While speaking on "This Week In Star Wars," "I Am Your Mother" director Magdalena Osinska revealed that the falling underwear gag referenced Fisher's speech during George Lucas' 2005 AFI Life Achievement Award. While roasting the "Star Wars" creator, during her speech, Fisher humorously brought up the fact that Lucas told her that she couldn't wear a bra while filming the first "Star Wars" film as there was no underwear in space. It's an excellent point Fisher hilariously skews Lucas about during her speech. But it wasn't the only time she mentioned his space underwear ban.

Fisher went into more detail in her one-woman show

For her iconic role as Princess Leia, it's fitting that Carrie Fisher received her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on May the Fourth. Yet considering her immense talents beyond "Star Wars," it is fair to say that Fisher should have long received that honor. Besides her stellar acting, Fisher was also a heck of a storyteller, skillfully keeping everyone engaged with her acerbic wit and undeniable humor. Both were on display during her 2010 one-woman show "Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking," which also became a book. It's full of personal stories from Fisher's life, including an anecdote about George Lucas' bizarre bra ban for Fisher while filming "Star Wars."

As Fisher recalled, Lucas explained that her body would expand in space, but her bra wouldn't, which would mean she would get strangled by it. It's not sure just how valid Lucas' explanation is, especially considering that apparently, thanks to "Return of the Jedi," gold bikinis seem to be okay. And as Fisher mentioned during her AFI speech, the prequels probably didn't have that rule either for Padme. Still, Fisher found humor in Lucas' explanation, even remarking that being choked out via space bra would make for a unique obituary.