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The Big Bang Theory Scene That Had Melissa Rauch Crying On Her Couch

Despite their initial inability to do so, several awkward characters on "The Big Bang Theory" embark on successful romantic relationships. For instance, Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (Melissa Rauch) and her husband, aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), proved to be a suitable couple due to their high intelligence, similar childhood traumas, and mutual adoration. 

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter alongside Helberg in 2013, Rauch shared she was a fan of her character's strong bond with Howard. The actress revealed she was particularly touched by a scene in Season 6, Episode 19 ("The Closet Reconfiguration"). She noted that in the episode, Bernadette shows her support toward Howard after he becomes overwhelmed upon being reminded he has a note penned by his absent father.

"Something that also I find that's so great about their relationship and how the writers write them is that you see the love between them and I mean the episode where Howard finds the letter from his father, I read that episode and was crying on my couch. I just thought that was so beautifully written," said the "Bronze" actress.

Rauch then shared she appreciated how the show's writers depicted Howard and Bernadette's life as a couple. "She's as invested in the situation as he is, which again, I think it's very true to marriage that it's you and your spouse against the world and I think that episode really exemplifies that," she shared.

Melissa Rauch shared she enjoyed filming Bernadette's wedding

Melissa Rauch discussed Bernadette and Howard's relationship while speaking to "Today" in 2019. She shared that she enjoyed that Bernadette never shied away from discussing her attraction to her husband. "The fact that we get to see these glimpses of how attracted she is to him, I think is awesome," said the "True Blood" actress.

Rauch also revealed she had a fondness for filming the couple's wedding ceremony during Season 5, Episode 24 ("The Countdown Reflection"). She suggested she enjoyed trying on Bernadette's wedding gown, which underwent significant alterations because she is 4-feet-11-inches tall. The actress also noted that she enjoyed filming scenes, like Bernadette's wedding, where the main ensemble cast interacts with each other.

"I just remember standing up there with Simon and looking at the cast and being so overcome with emotion," Rauch said. She then admitted that she believed her emotional response may have been because she was initially cast for one episode.

"I was just supposed to be there for a one time guest star but some of those special episodes where I'm standing there and looking at the cast and it almost feels like a dream where I'm looking at everyone, and I'm like I can't believe that this is my job," said the "Big Bang Theory" star.