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Dune Part Two Won't See Jason Momoa Come Back, But Dune 3 Is Another Story

Denis Villenueve's "Dune: Part 2" adapts the second half of Frank Herbert's iconic epic sci-fi novel "Dune," picking up after the destruction of House Atreides forced Paul Atreides (Timotheé Chalamet) to flee into the desert of Arrakis to ally with the mysterious natives known as the Fremen. This escape was aided by Paul's lifelong friend and mentor Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa), who valiantly sacrifices himself while fighting against the militant Sarduakar of House Harkonnen.

Although the death of Duncan Idaho in "Dune" means that Jason Momoa won't be returning in "Dune: Part 2," a few cryptic comments by Momoa himself hint that Idaho could possibly return in the rumored third installment of the franchise. When asked about his potential return to the franchise during an interview with GQ, Momoa replied: "Have you read the books? Well, I mean the books are proof... so I'm not the one spoiling it here. So, you should continue reading."

Momoa went on to praise the series as a whole, emphasizing just how much he loves this character and the incredible sci-fi world of "Dune." While book readers and moviegoers alike should know that Duncan Idaho has no chance of a return in "Dune: Part 2," Momoa's comments certainly open up a path for his potential return in Denis Villenueve's proposed "Dune 3" — which is said to be adapted from the book "Dune: Messiah" (via Collider).

Momoa could return if Dune 3 is greenlit

Fans of Frank Herbert's "Dune" book series will know that, true to the cryptic hints thrown out by Jason Momoa in his GQ interview, Duncan Idaho does technically "return" in "Dune: Messiah," though the circumstances of his resurrection are (like much of the "Dune" franchise) extremely convoluted.

In "Dune: Messiah," Duncan Idaho returns in the form of a clone known as a ghola, an artificial human created from the cells of the dead and engineered by the Bene Tleilex – a group of genetically modified human beings who inhabit the planet Tleilax, and who are secret enemies of the Bene Gesserit and the Kwisatz Hadarach (the legendary "savior" thought to be Paul Atriedes himself). In "Messiah," these secretive genetic engineers produce a ghola from Duncan's corpse and name the new being "Hayt," presenting him as a gift to Paul Atreides to further their ulterior motives.

Hayt is initially resurrected without any memory of his former life (a plot point that becomes very important). Rather than reprising his role as a swordsman, he is trained as a Mentat and a Philosopher. Although this version of the character is certainly very different from the Duncan Idaho we met in "Dune," Jason Momoa's evident enthusiasm for the character (alongside his cryptic hints about "Messiah") makes it clear that we might actually see Duncan Idaho resurrected if Denis Villeneuve is successful in directing "Dune 3."