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TWD: Khary Payton Was Able To Sneak Away With An Ezekiel Prop

It's normal for actors to want a souvenir at the end of a job, and Khary Payton, who played Ezekiel Sutton in the last five seasons of AMC's "The Walking Dead," is no exception. Truth be told, after working on the same project for that many years, who could blame him for wanting something to remember his experience by?

And Payton did indeed take something from the set: his sword, which he nicknamed Captain Jack Sparrow. "I didn't even ask. It was my last day. I grabbed it. I jumped in the car and left," he told Insider. "If anybody wants it, they know where to find me. But good luck"

The Georgia-born actor certainly doesn't seem like he feels guilty about taking Ezekiel's sword home with him after shooting the ending of "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Part 3 ... nor was he by any means the first person on the show to abscond with such a treasured item.

Payton joins the group of Walking Dead actors who took home their in-show weapons

Khary Payton is not alone in his prop-stealing. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played charismatic villain turned antihero Negan Smith, managed to snag his bat, Lucille, which he now keeps in a glass case in his office. Meanwhile, Norman Reedus took some famous props of his own from the "Walking Dead" set, including a crossbow for all but one season, a vest for every season, Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes beard, Scott Wilson's Hershel Greene ponytail, and Daryl Dixon's full costume.

If the producers wanted to retrieve their props, they would certainly have a long list of actors to get through, although Lauren Ridloff, who played Connie, is not on it. "I wanted to take some things from wardrobe and they were like, 'No, you can't take anything.' And I thought, 'Okay.' I definitely listened, and apparently, I'm the only one who didn't break the rules," she told Entertainment Weekly.