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Who Plays Kathleen On Apple's Silo?

Apple TV+ has already seen great success with science-fiction programming. "Severance" was a massive hit when it came out due to its eerie similarities to the modern workforce, while "Invasion" offered a unique take on the alien invasion story. The streaming service is bound to have another hit on its hands with "Silo," originally titled "Wool," which features a positively stacked cast of talent to tell this interesting tale.

The series follows a civilization existing hundreds of stories underground in a massive silo where they must follow strict rules to survive. Some incredibly talented actors have joined the project to lend gravitas, including Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, and many others. There are also newcomers, including the relatively recent Caitlin Zoz, who plays Kathleen in "Silo." It's safe to say this project is a major step up for Zoz, who doesn't have many credits to her name, but hopefully, that'll change in the near future.

Caitlin Zoz has made a name for herself in short films and lesser-known movies

Caitlin Zoz's resume on IMDb goes back to 2010 and shows the actress has starred in a number of short films, including "Bloody Mary," "The Pill Girls," and "Fair Trade." However, she also did appear in a single episode of "My Crazy Love" as Cassie, which is a comedy series about couples explaining the lengths they'll go to in order to keep their relationships afloat. Most recently, Zoz could be seen in 2022's "How to Rob" as Tina. The movie won several awards at The Shawna Shea Film Festival, including Best New England Feature and Best Feature Film. Chinaza Uche also won Best Male Performance for his part in the movie, and Zoz would actually team back up with Uche on "Silo."

The two are becoming quite the pair as they also collaborated on the short horror film "Meadow Brook." Zoz had the chance to speak about filming that particular project behind the scenes and what drew her to the movie: "I was really intrigued by this idea of like a game of 'Clue' and kind of how that factors in, and I think it's been really interesting and even more because I think maybe then I would have anticipated to kind of see how other people take in that information and what kind of story you can build out of that."

Zoz and Uche reunite once again on "Silo," in what's bound to be the biggest project of her career to date.