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Disenchantment Trailer Takes Matt Groening's Style To The Past

Netflix is feeling the Disenchantment.

The first teaser for the newest Matt Groening animated series has hit the internet, and its narrator already knows what you're thinking.

Groening's animated series have already spoofed the future with Futurama, and also covered the modern day zeitgeist with eerie precision on The Simpsons. Naturally, there's only one direction to go next: Back into the past.

The brief teaser doesn't cover the entire cast of the series, instead focusing on the prodigal daughter character Princess Bean and her obnoxious royal father. 

Abbi Jacobson of Broad City lends her voice to the alcoholic, wayward Bean, who resides in a medieval kingdom called Dreamland with her elf friend Elfo and a "personal demon" named Luci. 

Voice talent for the series includes both some usual suspects and some welcome surprises, with Nat Faxon and Eric Andre playing Bean's elven and demon companions, respectively. 

Prolific voice actor (and Futurama's Bender Bending Rodriguez voice) John DiMaggio can be heard in the role of Bean's father, with Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille and more set to fill out the rest of the cast in undisclosed roles.

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of the series, ten of which are set for release in August. According to DiMaggio, the series can be expected to feel like a cross between The Simpsons and Game of Thrones, which sounds like it could be a winning combo if the writing reaches the magical heights of Futurama or The Simpsons at their best.

While the overarching premise of the series is still somewhat vague, it looks like at least part of its story will fixate on Princess Bean's relationship with her family and her highborn status. According to Collider, the series will focus on "life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you."

Disenchantment will premiere on August 17.