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Attack On Titan Season 4: Eren's Transformation Into The Founding Titan Explained

When Eren Jaeger (Yuki Kaji/Bryce Papenbrook) triggered the apocalyptic events of The Rumbling in "Attack on Titan," things happened so fast that viewers could be forgiven for not being able to take it all in. While the majority of the spectacle is taken over by the shattering of the walls and the marching of hundreds of thousands of colossal titans, Eren also undergoes his own extensive transformation into his Founding Titan form.

However, one of the most jarring aspects of this sequence of events is how strange Eren's new appearance as the Founding Titan is. With a massive bone structure and a hunched-over appearance, Eren's Founding Titan isn't just the biggest one we've ever seen in "Attack on Titan," it's also the scariest.

While fans will recall that Eren was able to convince Ymir (Chiyuki Miura/Apphia Yu) to trigger The Rumbling after the two connected in the other world, the reason why Eren has taken on the form that he has during the final run of "Attack on Titan" is actually due to something that occurred in the real world, not in the realm where he met with Ymir.

Eren's Founding Titan is the most dangerous in history

Before Eren made contact with Zeke (Takehito Koyasu/Ernesto Jason Liebrecht) and traveled to the other realm, he took a shot to the neck from Gabi's (Ayane Sakura/Lindsay Seidel) artillery gun, causing his head to be severed. Since he still made contact with Zeke while he was alive, Eren was able to go to the other realm and speak to Ymir. However, this meant that when he returned as the Founder, his appearance was very different.

With his head separated from his body, the Founder's powers have to fill in the gap between the two, which leads to Eren's strange final appearance. The massive bone structure and hunched-over neck are a consequence of how heavily his body was damaged by Gabi's shot, which is ironic when you consider that Gabi actually made him larger and stronger rather than killing him as intended.

Still, with only one episode of "Attack on Titan" remaining, the thin layer of bone affixing his head to the rest of the Founding Titan could be his weakness, as severing it may end his rampage in a hurry. Either way, fans will have to tune in for the series finale if they want to see whether the Allies can hope to stop Eren and The Rumbling once and for all.