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HIMYF Theory: Could A Sid And Valentina Romance Be In The Works?

In "How I Met Your Father," Sid (Suraj Sharma) and Valentina (Francia Raisa) are the respective best friends of two potential love interests, Jesse (Christopher Lowell) and protagonist Sophie (Hilary Duff). But, some fans seem to think that there might be romance in the air for Sid and Valentina themselves. The two certainly have chemistry and have developed a friendship over the course of the show's first two seasons — however, Sid is married to Hannah (Ashley Reyes) and Valentina is still getting over her breakup with Charlie (Tom Ainsley). Still, the two have had their moments from time to time.

In fact, fans have picked up on those moments and have expressed via social media that they think Sid and Valentina may just end up together — or, at least, date seriously at some point. One fan on Reddit, u/sndys, wrote, "[I'm] such a sid/valentina truther [I've] been watching every episode just waiting for them to drop more crumbs...PLEASE...PLEASE." And they are far from the only fan with this thought.

Fans are eager for Sid and Valentina to get together

Also on Reddit, another fan, u/MelodramaticWine, speculated that Sid will (unfortunately) cheat on Hannah and get together with Valentina. They continued, "They are both goofy in similar ways." Another user, u/gatoinspace, zeroed in on their similar personalities and predicted that Hannah and Sid will break up (at least for a bit), noting that their long-distance relationship is good for drama but probably won't last. To this, u/FactorNo7477, wrote, "I am so on board. As soon as season 1 ended, I thought about Sid and Valentina getting together."

One fan, u/fancycheese101, agreed that it seems inevitable that Sid and Valentina will eventually date and added in the idea that Hannah may get together with Sophie's ex Drew (Josh Peck). And u/Suspicious_Move_6930 posted a screenshot from an episode in which Sid and Valentia are huddling together in the background.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, "How I Met Your Father" fans are also in agreement. One fan, @mintelliephant, wrote, "Sid and Valentina have so much chemistry." In agreement, @AgntL16 wrote, "I saw [the match] since the 3rd episode and love it. Sid and Valentina chemistry is there! I like them together!" In response, @AnaBeRodrigues commented on how palpable the tension and chemistry are between them. And @naomi_tsnmi, complete with a fingers-crossed emoji, wrote, "I still feel like Valentina and Sid might end up together."

Finally, @zitroeimmas spoke for all of these fans when they tagged the show's Twitter page, as well as some of the people involved, and pleaded, In case you still don't realize but SID AND VALENTINA NEED TO GET TOGETHER THEY HAVE GREAT CHEMISTRY WE THE FANS DESERVE THIS."