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The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Scene That Traumatized Many Fans

Contains spoilers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

When it comes to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, no one expected to walk into the theater with a bucket of buttery popcorn in hand and exit with a tear-stained face and a broken heart. But cinema keeps surprising us these days, and the Jurassic World sequel actually did cause fans to choke up and walk away traumatized. 

The culprit? The scene in which Chris Pratt's Owen, Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire, and Justice Smith's Franklin escaped Isla Nublar just before the island's active volcano erupted, destroyed the defunct Jurassic World, and killed all the dinosaurs left roaming there. As the trio sped away, the very last thing they spotted was a helpless Brachiosaurus, left abandoned to await its certain death as clouds of smoke billow around it. 

If simply hearing that description is enough to make your eyes start to water, imagine watching it on the big screen. Those who caught Fallen Kingdom in theaters have flocked to social media to explain just how messed up the scene made them. 

"Not to be dramatic but I would die for that Brachiosaurus in Jurassic World," Twitter user @spookynanner wrote. Another fan admitted that he was "lying in bed thinking about THAT Brachiosaurus" long after Fallen Kingdom's credits rolled. 

Lindsey Romain compared her outrage over the Brachiosaurus death scene in Fallen Kingdom to fans' dissatisfaction over Luke Skywalker's story in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. "I guess I can kind of understand people so enraged about Luke Skywalker's trajectory in TLJ now that I've seen what Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have the f***ing nerve to do to the Brachiosaurus," she tweeted. 

Jurassic World fan named Ale was left completely crushed after witnessing the emotionally distressing sequence: "There's a scene in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that ABSOLUTELY broke me. I am traumatized. I am emotionally scarred. All I wanna do is cry. And all I want is a giant hug right now. That scene had no business ruining my emotional life. I'm scarred."

And Aaron Dela Cruz spoke for everyone in tweeting that he is "still emotionally traumatized by the Brachiosaurus' dramatic death on Isla Nubar in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," and that he'd be "less emotional if [Chris Pratt's] character was eaten by an Allosaurus which is then eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex which is then eaten by a Mososaurus [sic]." Maybe that will be an alternate scene included on the film's DVD release? One can dream. 

As Jurassic Park fans will remember, the Brachiosaurus was the first dinosaur seen in 1993's Jurassic Park (and the film franchise as a whole, for that matter) — thus making this moment in Fallen Kingdom as poignant as it is gut-punching. Director J.A. Bayona actually capitalized on that nostalgia factor, playing a "very sweet and a little sad version of the Jurassic Park melody" over the scene that uses the dino's death to represent "the ending of a dream that started 25 years ago" (via The Hollywood Reporter).

While we dry our eyes and try to scrub away the image of the Brachiosaurus that's now burned into our brain, we're left with one hope: that the Jurassic World team doesn't pull a stunt like this again in the third movie. Dinosaurs are people, too, guys!