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Blue Beetle's Visuals Are Getting Power Rangers Fans Psyched

"Blue Beetle" is doing what DC should be doing lots more of, introducing general audiences to some of the lower-profile heroes and villains that live among the pages of DC Comics. Blue Beetle is a fan favorite with comic book readers, with Jamie Reyes donning the scarab and the accompanying alien armor to become the most recent version of the superhero.

The action-packed "Blue Beetle" trailer gave fans a great look at the live-action Jamie, played by "Cobra Kai" star Xolo MaridueƱa. Many wondered how a character like Blue Beetle would transition to live-action, but DC has put those worries to bed, as the film features one of the best comic-book-to-big-screen costumes to date. Blue Beetle already lends himself to countless comparisons. Some could say he's a blue Iron Man Jr., while others think he's more Spider-Man-like. However, fans took to social media drawing similarities to another massively popular franchise: "Power Rangers."

On Twitter, @nitrobolt wrote, "'Blue Beetle' really looks like some 'Power Rangers' 'Kamen Rider' s***, and I like that a lot." Similarly, @drakeislame "really hopes 'Blue Beetle' embraces the corny 'Power Rangers'-esque side of its identity," pleading for DC to make a superhero movie first.

Power Rangers fans are all-in on Blue Beetle

If DC can tap into the "Power Rangers" fandom for the release of "Blue Beetle," the studio is guaranteed a hit. Netflix recently gave them "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always," so riding that desire for more Rangers is the perfect opportunity for "Blue Beetle" to capitalize on.

The "Power Rangers" fandom continued expressing their excitement for "Blue Beetle" on social media, with @Cosmonaut9999 saying, "'Blue Beetle' unironically looks fire. Reminds me a lot of 'Power Rangers' fr. And that Buster sword thing he pulled out at the end? Dope as hell." @FurtherMaf shared a similar opinion, saying that Jamie's move with the sword was "straight 'Power Rangers.'"

@RougeMidoriya is happy to see "Power Rangers" alive and well within a blockbuster movie like "Blue Beetle," while @Juni__BEAR says, "That new 'Blue Beetle' movie is giving 'Power Rangers.'" @NebsGoodTakes offered yet another good take, saying the movie looks great and that "Some of y'all are too weak to enjoy 'Power Rangers,' and it shows I'm just saying." @Thecosmiccomet said it is the only DC movie they're looking forward to, outside of "The Batman Part 2," saying the trailer made it look and feel like "Power Rangers" in the best way.