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Why Is Patriot Rated R? - What Parents Should Know Before Letting Their Kids Watch

Though black ops and spycraft are often depicted as glamorous and high-octane, there is another side to this hidden world. Prime Video's comedy-drama "Patriot" showcases a key example of this, as intelligence officer John Tavner (Michael Dorman) is tasked with going undercover at a piping firm of all places in hopes of completing his mission.

While the premise, trailer, and poster might make the series appear fairly light-hearted, the series has plenty of adult content, which is why it's rated so restrictively in all regions. "Patriot" isn't just rated this way for the occasional grim shootout or for some bits of profanity here and there, as the show contains plenty of other lewd and questionable subject matter.

With this in mind, parents may want to watch an episode or two on their own or watch with their kids, depending on their age, before deciding whether the show is appropriate. All the same, however, it's a pretty safe bet that "Patriot" is not a good fit for pre-teens or younger children for several reasons.

Patriot is definitely not a show for kids or younger teenagers

For starters, "Patriot" contains full-frontal nudity, and while it isn't sexual in nature, that's definitely something that parents are going to want to be aware of before they let their children watch the series. On top of this, the show also contains references to suicide and scenes of torture, both of which might be inappropriate for younger viewers.

Across the board, pretty much all sources agree that 14 or 15 is the youngest age that someone should be introduced to a show like "Patriot." The show is rated for adults 18 and over in most regions, while Australia and Brazil have the series rated for 15 and 16 years old, respectively.

Meanwhile, on Common Sense Media, parents have decided that the show shouldn't be watched by anyone under 17. Kids, on the other hand, think that "Patriot" is appropriate for viewers who are 14 or older. While this does leave some wiggle room between the evaluations, these separate sources allow for a clear consensus that 14-18 is widely considered the proper age to allow your kids to watch this series.