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Apartment 7A Cast, Director, Rumors And More Details

Psychological horror movies thrive on all things enigmatic. Sometimes, they even incorporate a certain amount of mystery into their production cycle. A perfect example of this approach comes from "Apartment 7A," an upcoming Platinum Dunes-Sunday Night Productions joint that stars "Ozark" stand-out Julia Garner.

The making of "Apartment 7A" has pretty much been the definition of "keeping things under wraps." Beyond the two-time Emmy winner in the starring role and a few key people behind the project, details of this highly intriguing film are just about as scarce as they come. Regardless, some information has managed to trickle through the secrecy, and what we've heard is extremely intriguing. Let's take a look at the secrets of "Apartment 7A," and dig into what you need to know about this upcoming movie. 

When will Apartment 7A be released?

"Apartment 7A" currently has no release date, but we can make an educated guess as to when it might hit theaters, based on what we know about its production. As of May 2023, shooting was still underway. One month later, certain cinephiles were able to attend a test screening. This implies quite a lot of "Apartment 7A" is done, though there's no word on post-production or marketing. It was also notably absent from 2023's fall film festivals, which suggests it still has a ways to go before it hits your nearest theater. But "Apartment 7A" isn't a big-budget tentpole piece, which means it won't take as long to finish as an effects-heavy blockbuster would. If there aren't too many big changes behind the scenes, it could be out as early as 2024.

What is the plot of Apartment 7A?

Very little about the plot of "Apartment 7A" is known at the moment, and this seems to be by design. This implies that either the premise of the film or some of its plot twists — or, preferably, both — are juicy enough to keep under wraps until the appropriate time comes. 

Rumor has it the premise of "Apartment 7A" might indeed be a doozy. In 2022, an exclusive article by Bloody Disgusting suggested that the movie may be a stealth prequel to the psychological horror classic "Rosemary's Baby," and that Julia Garner's role will likely be the unhappy woman who dies at that movie's very beginning. In June 2023, World of Reel reported similar rumors. Furthermore, after attending a test screening, they declared it a major success.

Who is starring in Apartment 7A?

"Apartment 7A" has a number of impressive actors attached to it. "Julia Garner, who will star, is first and foremost among them; she earned wide acclaim for her role on crime drama "Ozark." Kevin McNally, who fans might remember as Gibbs from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, is listed as playing "Rosemary's Baby" villain Roman Castavet. Amy Leeson and Scott Hume will also be playing recognizable characters as Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse, respectively. 

Other listed cast members include Jim Sturgess, Dianne Wiest, Rosy McEwen, Marli Siu, and Anton Blake Horowitz. Notably, World of Reel, who has allegedly seen the movie, declared Wiest "diabolically hilarious." They also praised Garner's performance as "totally committed."

Who is directing and producing Apartment 7A?

Some films can be defined by their stars to the point that the entire movie's reputation is completely hijacked by the first names on the cast list. Not so with "Apartment 7A," which has at least as much star power behind the scenes as it does in front of the camera. 

"Apartment 7A" will be produced by a host of well-known figures that include "A Quiet Place" star and director John Krasinski and director Michael Bay. In fact, "Apartment 7A" will be a joint operation between Krasinski and Allyson Seeger's Sunday Night Productions and Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form's Platinum Dunes. All five will be listed as producers.  

Natalie Erika James of "Relic" fame is set to direct the movie, as well as co-write the script. James' and the producers' attachment to the project was first reported in March 2021.