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Chris Pine Is Haunting In The First Trailer For Disney's Wish

Everyone has, at least once, dreamed of wishing upon a magic star. However, the trailer for Disney's upcoming animated film, "Wish," hints at the complexities that would lurk behind the scenes of such wishes. 

Starring Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, and Ariana DeBose, "Wish" is the latest animated endeavor from the House of Mouse. Featuring colorful animation, stirring songs, and plenty of adventure, the first trailer for "Wish" immediately establishes the premise of the movie and the stakes involved. Right from the get-go, "Wish" looks to be highlighting a world where wishes are granted — assuming they are told to the ruler of the land, Chris Pine's King Magnifico. However, as serene and happy as this place appears, there's a moment where King Magnifico explains that a wish is granted if it is given to him, and the sinister glow in his eyes indicates the menace awaiting the film's heroes. This is probably best illustrated when main character Asha (DeBose) is in King Magnifico's room, and she is surrounded by translucent orbs, which one can only assume are the collection of wishes that King Magnifico has already harvested.

Wish looks like a stunning Disney film

Even though the trailer doesn't show what happens when Asha is in King Magnifico's throneroom, the next scene sees her and her pet goat Valentino (Alan Tudyk) out in the countryside and starting to make a wish upon a star, just like how traditional fairy tales start. At this point, a ball of light comes flying down from the sky and starts to zip around, and audiences see that is an adorable little star-like creature — the anthropomorphous manifestation of the wishing star we've always seen blinking in the sky, in so many films and TV shows.

In the cute little creature's erratic flight, its dust animates several flowers that begin to gyrate and move, which causes Valentino to greedily gobble up the dust. Surprisingly, Valentino is then granted the ability to speak, which further reinforces the point that he will be incredibly important to the plot of "Wish." The trailer then culminates in song, action sequences, and spectacular bursts of color and motion. In other words, if one considers themselves a fan of Disney animation, "Wish" looks to be your next obsession, echoing such contemporary classics as "Frozen" and "Moana."