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Netflix's Mulligan - Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to animation, Netflix has had a lot of success in producing some of the best cartoons you should be watching. And this is especially true when it comes to the area of comedic toons best suited for adult eyes. From the wild and provocative coming-of-age series "Big Mouth" to the Hollywood satire masterpiece "BoJack Horseman," the streaming service has a lot of worthy contenders for the title of best adult animated series in the past decade. And this year, they aren't slowing down anytime soon on showcasing some fresh additions to its animated comedy lineup.

Netflix is set to debut "Mulligan," a new animated series with some huge comedic talent behind it. The series comes from the minds of co-creators Robert Carlock and Sam Means, who both wrote on hit shows "30 Rock" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." It's also executive produced by their "30 Rock" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" collaborator Tina Fey. Looking at their past work, Carlock, Means, and Fey are enough reasons to get excited over "Mulligan." And based on the show's wacky premise, it doesn't look like the three are set to disappoint.

In golf, a mulligan is a do-over shot after already hitting a poor one, and that's what Earth aims to do with society in the upcoming animated comedy series. After surviving an alien invasion, the planet wants to rebuild and learn from its past mistakes. However, Earth may have placed the wrong guy in charge. Here's everything that's known so far.

When will Netflix's Mulligan release?

Fortunately, it appears that we aren't in for a long wait with the premiere of "Mulligan," as Netflix gave the official release date at the end of its special first-look clip for the series. "Mulligan" is currently scheduled to drop on May 12, 2023. And with the streaming service's penchant for dropping entire seasons of a show rather than following a traditional weekly episodic schedule, that likely means that when "Mulligan" premieres, its first season will be binge-ready. As for how many episodes to expect this season, that hasn't been officially revealed just yet.

When "Mulligan" was initially announced in 2020, it was revealed that Netflix had ordered 20 episodes of the series. For comparison, Season 1 of "Inside Job" started with 10 episodes. However, Netflix originally had an order for 20. So the series broke that order into two parts, with the first season containing half of the ordered episodes. It wouldn't seem unlikely if we see "Mulligan" follow the same route of just starting with 10 episodes on May 12.

What is the plot of Netflix's Mulligan?

Throughout many action sci-fi films, the hero often makes one last-ditch effort to defeat the evil alien invaders, steal a kiss from his love interest, and become celebrated as Earth's savior. But what happens to them and the rest of the planet after the credits roll? "Mulligan" attempts to explore that question as we witness a world in its rebuilding phase after all the interstellar fireworks and quippy one-liners. The official Netflix synopsis explains that Earth doesn't want to take its second chance lightly and must learn from past mistakes. But things may end with a repeat based on how it's going about things post-invasion.

That's not exactly optimistic for the planet, but it is potentially funny, especially when considering who is in charge. Earth appoints Matty Mulligan, the everyman New Englander hero who saved the day with a wicked grenade throw, as the new president. With a worried look at his desk while on the job in the first show clip, Matty laments that he should have paid more attention in school. For fans of Mike Judge's "Idiocracy," or those who ever wondered what would happen if Tom Cruise's character in "War of The Worlds" became president, "Mulligan" and its titular hero should bring back some memories.

Who is starring in Netflix's Mulligan?

Netflix's "Mulligan" has tons of comedic talent for its voice cast, including executive producer Tina Fey. She voices super-scientist and single parent Dr. Farrah Braun. Joining Fey as part of the main cast is Nat Faxon, who "The Conners" fans may best remember for his role as Louise's (Katey Sagal) younger brother Neville. Faxon stars as Matty Mulligan, the Earth hero who becomes its leader despite being ill-equipped for the role. Chrissy Teigen voices first lady Lucy Suwan, a beauty queen who initially became romantically involved with Matty during the alien invasion.

Rounding out the main cast are some of the most recognizable names in comedy and animated shows. This includes Dana Carvey as the conniving Senator Cartwright LaMarr, Sam Richardson as historian Simon Prioleau, and Phil Lamarr as Axatrax, an alien survivor now made a prisoner on Earth. "Mulligan" also contains some surprising guest stars, notably Daniel Radcliffe, who voices the last known British survivor who deems himself "King Jeremy." In addition to Radcliffe, "Mulligan" will feature Ayo Edebiri, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Ronny Chieng in recurring roles.

Is there a trailer for Netflix's Mulligan?

In addition to the first look clip for "Mulligan," Netflix released a second official trailer. And it showcases some of the delightful chaos we can expect as Matty tries and possibly fails at leading the effort to rebuild Earth. The first section of the trailer shows what happened during the alien invasion and highlights Matty's clutch moment of saving Earth and Lucy and his appointment to become the new President. We also get a look at the devastated state of the planet, as it's revealed that there are only 1,132 people left on Earth. Matty is trying his best, but it might not be enough due to some of his plans. For instance, a glimpse at his presidential dry-erase board notes an idea to restart the "Fast & Furious" franchise.

The trailer doesn't take long to show that things aren't quite working out for Matty, as the public quickly turns against him, despite his past heroic efforts to save Earth. With plenty of explosions appearing, machine-gun-firing robots letting loose, and the tragic discovery of a lone clown car after the apocalypse, "Mulligan" clearly isn't afraid to crank the zaniness up to 11. And did our eyes deceive us, or did we just spot "Weird Al" Yankovic and Questlove of The Roots in the trailer, too? In any case, "Mulligan" may be setting itself up as a fun series to watch on May 12.