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The Equalizer 3 Trailer Features A Song That May Sound Familiar To Soccer Fans

If there is one thing that the "Equalizer" franchise has taught audiences, it is the fact that one should never judge anything by looks alone. Following Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), the "Equalizer" franchise is all about how Robert just wants to be left alone to live a peaceful and uneventful life. Still, he is constantly drawn into conflicts where his knowledge of deadly combat and tactics comes bubbling up to the surface. The trailer for "The Equalizer 3" shows that McCall moves to Italy in order to start anew, but much like the previous films, his serenity and sense of belonging are soon shattered.

Of course, the new scenery and environment are perfect for unleashing the terrible fury of McCall against those that would harm the people he cares about. As such, it seems as if even the song briefly featured within the trailer for "The Equalizer 3" has a European origin and one that is immediately recognizable for fans of football (soccer). This is because the song is called "Volare," and it is sung at many sporting events when a team is able to make it to finals.

Volare is sung at matches because it sounds like finale, which means it is a fitting song for The Equalizer 3

Created by Domenico Modguno, the official name of the song is "Nel blu, dipinto di blu," and it was released in 1958. That same year, the song was considered Billboard's number-one single, and in 1959, the song managed to take home the very first Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Surprisingly, the lyrics for the song known as "Volare" has nothing to do with sports or Denzel Washington's vengeance and instead are about blue skies and dreams. However, the song is often utilized at sporting matches because "Volare" sounds very similar to the word for finale, and football (soccer) fans just kind of ran with it.

Besides the original version of the song, several other famous performers have also rendered their own iteration of "Volare," like Dean Martin, David Bowie, and Vitamin C, among many others. The usage of this song in the trailer for "The Equalizer 3" is a smart choice because it shows how different Robert McCall's new surroundings are. However, as one can tell, it doesn't seem like a foreign country, language, or culture blunts McCall's brutal effectiveness. In addition, since "Volare" is sung in real life to recognize a finale, it makes perfect sense to use the song in the final "Equalizer" movie.