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Welcome To Eden: Season 2's Plot Holes Are Ruining The Show

Spanish crime drama "Money Heist" took the number one spot on Netflix's Top 10 list upon the premiere of its final season, cementing its status as arguably one of the best Netflix original series in the streaming service's history. In theory, "Welcome to Eden" could be Netflix's next big original Spanish series after "Money Heist," but issues with its second season's story are causing a number of viewers to lose interest, perhaps preventing it from becoming a truly notable success.

One user on the subreddit for "Welcome to Eden" started a thread dedicated to what they perceived to be plot holes in the show's second season. In total, they listed three aspects of Season 2's plot they found lacking, and inspired commenters to share some additional criticisms. User TheTwistedBlade, for example, replied by detailing four distinct plot developments they thought were nonsensical. Meanwhile, users like pastelpear and soltic_dorsov focused on singular story issues. In response to these and other critiques, user SappyPJs simply wrote, "This show is hot garbage bruh nuff said."

It's clear enough from this thread alone, then, that a significant number of viewers who finished Season 2 are unhappy with the development of its story, which may well be holding the show back from realizing the full potential of its promising premise.

Welcome to Eden's second season seems to be losing fans

In a Reddit discussion thread about all things related to "Welcome to Eden" Season 2, user happypills25 criticized its characters' decision-making as well as the pace of its story. In another, similar thread, user Spare-Article-396 wrote of its plot, "You can drive a truck through these holes." Even user pastelpear, who recounted enjoying the season, admitted that the quality of its writing is low.

"Welcome to Eden" has all the makings of a hit for Netflix, from its cast of up-and-comers to its intriguing sci-fi premise. Of course, not every high concept series has to adhere to strict logic one hundred percent of the time, to which numerous successful time travel stories are testament. "Welcome to Eden" Season 2, however, is pushing viewers past the point of suspending their disbelief, largely due to characters' oftentimes confounding behavior becoming a legitimate distraction.

Nevertheless, "Welcome to Eden" Season 2 landed on Netflix's Top 10 series list after its premiere, suggesting that its viewership, at least, remains sizable. Its longevity, however, depends on that viewership retaining their interest in the show, which its widely-criticized plot may well hinder in the long run.