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Blue Beetle Just Proved Why He Belongs In The Justice League

Contains spoilers for "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #6

Blue Beetle is fighting alongside the Justice League and quickly proving he's worthy of a spot on the infamous DC Comics superteam. 

In "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #6 by Josh Trujillo, Adriana Gutierrez, Will Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni from DC Comics, Jaime Reyes might have accomplished his single most heroic feat to date. With Blue Beetle wearing his newest armor upgrade, he tries to stop a crashing vessel of The Horizon refugees from landing on Earth. While Reyes has struggled in the past about being forced to become a hero due to the alien scarab on his back, the Blue Beetle is brought out as he works alongside the other Beetles on Earth and some of the greatest Justice Leaguers to prevent a full-blown disaster. 

In preventing the ship from what seemed to be assured destruction, despite not knowing if those on board are friends or foes, Reyes steps up to the plate and keeps his home safe while earning the admiration of Batman, Superman, and more heroes he's long-sought approval from. In the process, Blue Beetle proves he deserves a spot in the next iteration of the Justice League — as he's elevated his heroism to an all-new level that should have other heroes' attention.

Blue Beetle has a small, but notable Justice League history

Despite being one of DC's more popular young heroes, Blue Beetle doesn't have an extensive history in the comics. Debuting in 2006 in the "Infinite Crisis" event and created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner, Blue Beetle's decade-in-the-half in the comics has largely only featured him on a few Justice League-adjacent teams. Jaime Reyes was recruited to the Justice League International team following the return of Maxwell Lord in "Justice League Generation Lost." In the 24-issue series, he worked alongside the original Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, and his closest ally, Booster Gold. He would join the JLI again in The New 52 title in a brief stay, where he wanted Cyborg's assistance in dealing with removing the scarab from his back. 

Jaime Reyes has also played key parts with the Teen Titans in the comics while being a member of the titular team in the "Young Justice" animated series. Of course, Jaime Reyes has fought alongside and teamed up with the Justice League on numerous occasions with significant stakes but has yet to get a much-deserved spot at the table in the Hall of Justice. Blue Beetle's mentor and the most recognizable hero to wear the name as a costumed hero, Ted Kord, has been part of many variations of the Justice League, but most famously was a prominent member during Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire's classic "Justice League International" run. With Reyes getting his own solo film, "Blue Beetle," in the DCU, Kord's original Blue Beetle costume can be seen in the trailer.

Blue Beetle is a bonafide hero

While "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" miniseries started with Superman delivering the news to Jaime Reyes that his fellow heroes wanted him to take a break from being Blue Beetle with the potential return of the Reach, the scarab-wearing hero has continued to prove he deserves a shot on the Justice League. 

Leading up to the sixth and final issue of the series, Batman called in some of DC's mightiest heroes, including The Flash, Shazam, Cyborg, Jessica Cruz's Green Lantern, and Black Condor to deal with the different Beetles emerging across Palmera City. Initially believing they were alien attackers, Starfire and Jaime Reyes convinced the group the Green and Yellow Beetle weren't threats. However, upon Superman and Batman's arrival, Reyes stood his ground and told them he wanted to help the Beetles and fight for peace, even if that meant going up against them to do so.

Thankfully, to Blue Beetle's surprise, Batman agreed with him, making the rare admission that they pushed him too hard. But, as Blue Beetle finally gets some respect from Batman, he has little time to relish the moment, as the ship carrying The Horizon comes crashing down to Earth — giving Reyes a chance to prove to the Justice League he's already doing an excellent job at being a hero.

Batman admits he trusts Blue Beetle against the Reach

"Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #6 opens with Jaime Reyes and the other DC heroes scrambling to stop The Horizon's ship from falling from the sky. Realizing the aliens are sending an S.O.S., and not a warning about their ship being damaged, Blue Beetle is told to take point as The Dark Knight admits he trusts him and will need his experience in saving the passengers. Blue Beetle, Superman, and Green Lantern get to the ship, with Reyes using every bit of power he has to redirect the out-of-control spacecraft into the ocean and prevent its explosion. After meeting The Horizon refugees, Blue Beetle insists they stay in Palmera City, with Victoria and Ted Kord offering Kord Industries resources to help them learn to live on Earth.

The comic closes with touching moments Blue Beetle had likely only dreamed of since he first met DC's biggest heroes. While Batman questions Blue Beetle's plan with the refugees, he tells him the Justice League has his back and tells him, "good work," which is about as big a compliment as Bruce Wayne can give. Meanwhile, Superman tells the young hero that he saved the day while double-checking if he's sure he's ready to help with the aliens arriving in his city. The comic ends with Jaime Reyes meeting up with members of The Horizon, several heroes, including Starfire, Ted Kord, and the other Beetles, saying he's found a place that needs him and a new purpose. After years of trying, Blue Beetle finally feels at home with his scarab and alien armor.

Reyes belongs on the Justice League

While the Justice League has currently disbanded after the events of "Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths," and the Titans have replaced them for now in the DC Universe, when the superteam does reform, Blue Beetle deserves serious consideration as its newest member. Leading the charge in saving The Horizon refugees alongside Batman, Superman, and other big heroes showed Jaime Reyes is capable of being part of the next generation of the Justice League. Of course, he still has plenty to experience. Still, there's no question Blue Beetle's actions prove he's worthy of being on the team — with Batman and Superman likely offering support for him following his heroism in the miniseries.

Considering a "Blue Beetle" film is coming soon, it's the perfect time for DC Comics to give the hero the spotlight he's gained. Reyes has been put through the gauntlet as a hero and learned about the responsibility it takes to be a hero who saves lives. The Justice League would look great with Blue Beetle becoming an official member whenever it decides to form again. And it's hard to deny he hasn't earned a spot.

"Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" #6 by Josh Trujillo, Adriana Gutierrez, Will Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni from DC Comics is in comic book stores now!