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Chicago Med: Torrey DeVitto Wishes There Was More To Dr. Manning's Ending

Finally booted from the Emergency Department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center after several instances of unambiguously unprofessional behavior, Torrey DeVitto's Dr. Natalie Manning is shown to the exit on "Chicago Med" with a brief scene in the premiere episode of Season 7. Among her medical transgressions on the show, Dr. Manning is caught red-handed stealing meds from an on-going clinical trial at the hospital in order to sneak them to her ailing mother. Also fired due to this breach of protocol is Manning's co-worker and one-time love interest, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss). Will initially takes the blame for her actions, but he is eventually absolved and returns to work at the hospital. Natalie's institutional sin, however, is simply too grave to forgive and she's let go.

As a former regular on this One Chicago hit series, DeVitto's departure from the show may have left fans wondering how the actress felt about how her time on "Chicago Med" concluded. As revealed in her interview with Cherry Picks, she does indeed have thoughts on the subject, saying, "I wish she and Will [Nick Gehlfuss] had a bit more of a moment before leaving, but that's mostly because I've always been such a fan and advocate of their relationship on the show." DeVitto also admitted she was particularly fond of her on-screen relationship with Gehlfuss' Dr. Halstead, declaring that "I'll miss having those two characters interact."

Torrey DeVitto regrets no longer working with her entire Chicago Med family

Commenting further in the Cherry Picks Q&A about her stint playing Dr. Natalie Manning on "Chicago Med," Torrey DeVitto said the bonds she formed during her time with the show are what truly stayed with her. "My biggest takeaway from Med was all the beautiful connections with certain co-stars that I'll cherish forever." She went on to note that after six seasons as such a central character on the series, the entire cast became much more to her than simply actors doing their jobs. "We really created a family out there and I am forever grateful to have been a part of something so special."

As for what she learned about herself while gloving up for such an extended period as an emergency room doc on the long-running NBC series, DeVitto said, "Being on a show for that long and that many days out of the year really teaches you deeper about your own strengths and weaknesses." As a result, the actress noted, she came away from her time on "Chicago Med" having discovered something important about her own inner resources as a performer, saying, "I learned I am capable of way more than I knew going into the show."