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The Power's Showrunner Says The Voice Might Not Always Be Benevolent

Amazon's newest drama, "The Power," asks the question of what would happen to the modern gender hierarchy if women suddenly found themselves in possession of awe-inspiring abilities. Out of nowhere, teenage girls develop a new organ that gives them the power to electrocute others at whim (sometimes this occurs a tad unpredictably). Not only that, they have the ability to transfer this to older women, upsetting many men in the process who find themselves fearful of women.

However, one young girl has another strange ability. While Allie (Halle Bush) also has electricity at her fingertips, she hears a mysterious Voice, played by Adina Porter, guiding her on what to do next. It's one of the biggest questions surrounding the show so far about what this Voice wants, and showrunner Raelle Tucker teased it's going to stay mysterious for a while. When speaking to Nerdist, she elaborated, "You're going to have to hang in there and wait for it... Right now, The Voice is incredibly mysterious... We should be wondering, 'Is Allie talking to God? Some kind of new God? Is she being driven by voices in her head in another way? Is there a degree of trauma that has caused this?'"

It leaves the door open for a ton of interpretation and for the Voice to take on a new, intricate role in "The Power."

The Voice is essential for Allie's journey

Out of all the women "The Power" follows, it makes sense for Allie to get a little something extra to help her along her journey. She initially refuses to speak to her adoptive parents, but then when she sets out on her own, she gradually develops more agency. All the while, she hears a little voice in her head telling her what to do and empowering her to pursue a life she may not have picked on her own. The two are intricately intertwined, and Raelle Tucker suggests that could lead to some intriguing plot developments down the road.

The showrunner continued, "I think all of those questions are part of what Allie's journey is about... You want to watch Allie and the incredible arc that she goes through. And you want her to find safety and to eventually be able to help others and spread a positive message. At the same time, this voice in her head, spoilers, might not always be leading her towards the most benevolent place, and that's part of the journey." There's still much to discover about the world of "The Power," and a mysterious, disembodied voice is definitely something to look twice at. 

Hopefully, "The Power" gets as many seasons as it needs to in order to complete its story and reveal all mysteries. For now, fans can watch all nine episodes of Season 1, airing Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.