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Juggernaut Just Took Out Galactus With A Ghost Rider Twist

Contains spoilers for "Sins of Sinister: Dominion" #1

After thousands of years of being slingshot across the galaxy, Juggernaut just smashed into Galactus — who has taken on the Spirits of Vengeance — in one of Marvel Comics' biggest collisions ever. In the "Sins of Sinister" event, the gene-obsessed mad scientist Mister Sinister gains control of the universe after tracking down Moira MacTaggert's save points in time and using Nightcrawler's DNA to create Chimeras, clones of the mutant combined with other heroes' DNA and abilities.

However, despite achieving his goals, Mister Sinister's experiments became too much for him to handle. As a result, a clone of Mister Sinister, Mother Righteous, has made a play for power and used several Nightcrawler Chimeras to steal some of the most powerful artifacts in an attempt to reset the timeline. Unfortunately for the X-Men, she is living up to her sinister heritage, with her plan involving remaking the timeline with the incredible knowledge from the future coming back with her.

In order to break into the World Farm and smash a barrier protecting its limitless knowledge and power, Mother Righteous redirects Juggernaut's path, sending the unstoppable villain directly into Galactus. In a new preview for "Sins of Sinister: Dominion" #1, readers get another perspective of Cain Marko's explosive journey through the universe.

Juggernaut has been on a path for Galactus for some time

In "Nightcrawlers" #3 by Si Spurrier, Lorenzo Tammetta, Phillip Sevy, Rain Beredo, and Clayton Cowles, Vox Ingis and Mother Righteous stand outside the World Farm. The Spirit of Variance reveals he's found the Spirits of Vengeance who fled Earth after Mister Sinister's takeover — they infested Galactus and made him one of the largest collective versions of Ghost Rider to date. However, Mother Righteous is shockingly unconcerned by the powered-up Galactus, telling Vox Ignis she's waiting for someone else: Enter Juggernaut.

Juggernaut's fate was last teased in "Sins of Sinister" #1 by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Wreneck, Bryan Valenza, Cowles, and 10 guest artists, in which Mister Sinister peers into the future to see how his planned takeover will go. The first glimpse he sees is a warning regarding a new genocide-level event caused by the major supervillain Thanos.

Familiar with Thanos' Snap, Juggernaut volunteers to get shot out of a special temporal canon directly at the Mad Titan. Thanks to the luck powers of Domino stolen by the powerful mutant Hope Summers, the Sinister-controlled X-Men land a direct hit on Thanos, whose plans are halted when Cain Marko is sent through his brain like a massive bullet. It's a gory scene, with Thanos' brain being turned into mush. Juggernaut's fate is much grimmer, however, since he never stops and is left floating in space. However, his mission is far from over; he has another target: Galactus.

Juggernaut puts a Ghost Rider-powered Galactus out of his misery

"Nightcrawlers" #3 shows Juggernaut being sent through the head of Galactus, who is now powered by the Spirits of Vengeance, but readers got another perspective of the fiery collision in a new preview for "Sins of Sinister: Dominion" #1.

In the first look, Mister Sinister and Moira MacTaggert plan their next steps as Mother Righteous comes closer to breaking into the World Farm. Mister Sinister admits he thought the undead Galactus would be his path inside, but as he laments about this not being the answer, he learns of Juggernaut's explosive arrival, watching as the unstoppable force pierces through Ghost Rider Galactus and directly into the barrier surrounding the World Farm — granting Moira access.

In a bit of poetic justice, Mister Sinister, despite 1,000 years of machinations and having gained control of the universe, isn't able to upload his plans to the World Farm and reset the timeline to his own desires. Instead, the mutant Ironfire confronts him after he believes he killed the powerful X-Men. Ironfire impales Mister Sinister while telling him he turned his blood into metal, preventing him from dying at the villain's hands. He then brings Mister Sinister closer, wrapping his metal chain around him as he bleeds out. Meanwhile, with Juggernaut having brutally killed Galactus and having seemingly died himself (or at least continuing to float in space), Moira enters the World Farm as Mister Sinister gets his comeuppance.

Galactus has suffered a similar defeat before

While seeing Juggernaut go through Galactus' brain is a sight to behold, it's not the first time in recent memory that a Marvel Comics event has featured an unstoppable force killing the Devourer of Worlds in such a manner — the second issue of 2021's "Heroes Reborn" by Jason Aaron, Dale Keown, and Ed McGuinness features a deadly battle between Hyperion and Galactus that ends almost as soon as it begins.

Galactus' arrival on Earth goes much differently in the "Heroes Reborn" event than his first appearance in the main Marvel Comics canon. Before he is able to drain the world to feed his hunger, Hyperion shoots up in the sky and uses his momentum and strength to rip through the villain's head.

While it's unclear whether Galactus could be killed in the main canon with such a violent maneuver, the villain is quite susceptible to the attack in the alt-universe stories. Much like Juggernaut's defeat of Thanos and Ghost Rider Galactus in the "Sins of Sinister" event, Galactus has no chance of survival.

The Sins of Sinister event is coming to an end

The "Sins of Sinister" event is coming to a close, with "Sins of Sinister: Dominion" #1 featuring the grand conclusion to what happens to the universe Mister Sinister has created. After a thousand years of his interference, making Chimeras, gaining knowledge, and doing more dark deeds, the timeline appears to be on the verge of being reset. But what will the X-Men's universe look like after that is done? And perhaps more importantly, who will keep the knowledge of the dystopian future and use it in the present for their own gain?

With Moira entering the World Farm and gaining access to the virus capable of being a powerful message in a bottle, the final issue is setting up her renewed importance to the main timeline. The only guarantee seems to be someone returning with incredible knowledge of the future at their disposal — which is bad news for the X-Men, Krakoa, and anyone who aligns themselves with Marvel's mutants.

The final chapter of "Sins of Sinister" unfolds in "Sins of Sinister: Dominion" #1 by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, Paco Medina, and Bryan Valenza in comic book stores and online retailers on Wednesday.