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Lacey Chabert's Hallmark Involvement Goes Beyond What We See On Screen

There's a good chance that, on the Hallmark channel, a feel-good flick starring Lacey Chabert is either currently airing or set to air in the coming days. That's because, over the past 10-plus years Chabert has been cast as the leading lady in 30 (and counting) original movies, from heartwarming rom-coms to holiday hits. Now that Chabert is one of the most popular faces of the network, her involvement with Hallmark is going beyond what audiences see on screen.

In 2022, Chabert stretched her creative chops as an executive producer of "The Wedding Veil," as well as its two follow-up films, "The Wedding Veil Unveiled" and "The Wedding Veil Legacy." Starring Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser, the trilogy follows what happens when three besties discover a wedding veil that brings the owner love.

Chabert told Forbes, "As I've gone on and done more and more, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity Hallmark has given me. It's a very unique place in our business where it's female-driven stories and we have the opportunity as actors to put on different hats and be a producer. Having been in this business almost my whole life, it's been a goal that has been realized to be on the other side of the storytelling."

Her work both on screen and off is resonating, and "The Wedding Veil" has been extended through a sequel trilogy.

Lacey Chabert is excited to show what happens after characters fall in love

Following the success of the original "The Wedding Veil" trilogy, Lacey Chabert gets to continue her work as an executive producer of a sequel trilogy: "The Wedding Veil Expectations," "The Wedding Veil Inspiration," and "The Wedding Veil Journey." For Chabert, it's a thrill to carry on the stories of Avery Hastings (Chabert), Tracy Goodwyn (Alison Sweeney), and Emma Di Stefano (Autumn Reeser) because it's not something that's often seen on Hallmark.

She told ET, " ... typically these movies end with that last kiss or the characters falling in love, and we finally get to see what happens when they're in a relationship and what happens in these marriages and what they're doing next. Are they starting families? Are they having homes together? Are they building careers? And what kind of complications and problems are they having? You want to see the fun they're having too."

As Chabert continues on in this dual role of actress and executive producer, she has one goal in mind: To tell the best stories possible. She revealed to Forbes that, if she feels a film isn't as strong as it could be, she can't sleep at night. Therefore, audiences likely won't be disappointed with the latest set of "The Wedding Veil" flicks and any future Hallmark offerings with Chabert behind the scenes.