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Mrs. Davis Episode 1 Has Major Big Lebowski Vibes

"Mrs. Davis" is an unpredictable series that fully embraces its wacky sensibilities. For example, a nun is in a relationship with Jesus, and the central story chronicles a globetrotting quest to retrieve the Holy Grail for a supercomputer. However, the series also wears some of its comedic influences on its sleeves, with "The Big Lebowski" being the most notable of the bunch in Episode 1.

The Peacock series boasts some very interesting supporting characters, including a group of German actors with a propensity for kidnapping. While they initially seem threatening, they have provided some of the show's most notable moments of comic relief thus far. Furthermore, they're carbon copies of the Nihilist villains from the aforementioned Coen Brothers comedy.

While speaking to Gizmodo, the show's co-creator, Damon Lindelof, acknowledged the Coen Brothers' influence on "Mrs. Davis." He stated that some people might view the German characters as "derivative," which is understandable considering the qualities they share with their counterparts in "The Big Lebowski."

Mrs. Davis' Big Lebowski nods are obvious

In "The Big Lebowski," the Nihilists are a group of German musicians and amateur criminals who believe in nothing; but that doesn't stop them from getting caught up in complex schemes. The Dude (Jeff Bridges) first encounters the rascals after they break into his house, threaten him with a ferret, urinate on his rug, and blackmail him. They're also in the kidnapping business (sort of), similar to the Germans on "Mrs. Davis."

It's clear that Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez created their own German antagonists to pay homage to the Coen Brothers' film. Both groups are made up of entertainers who rock black outfits and like causing trouble for the protagonists. In Episode 1, they kidnap Simone (Betty Gilpin) because they believe she knows what the algorithm wants. Of course, Simone is clueless at the time, and the storyline is reminiscent of the aforementioned scene in "The Big Lebowski." In the movie, the Nihilists also assume that the Dude has what they're looking for, but they have the wrong man as he's clueless about the whole situation.

Of course, "Mrs. Davis" is more than a simple tribute to "The Big Lebowski." The show also marks the return of thoughtful nunsploitation and raises some interesting questions about faith, technology, and humanity. The Peacock series is very original, and the "Big Lebowski" nods only add to its myriad of charms.