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Mrs. Davis: How Many Episodes Are In Season 1?

Based on early trailers and reports, many probably expected Peacock's "Mrs. Davis" to offer a series simply exploring the age-old conflict of faith against technology. And that theme is prevalent as Betty Gilpin's nun character Simone clashes with a powerful artificial intelligence. However, seeing as the new show comes from the mind of Damon Lindelof, a writer responsible for layered sci-fi TV gems like "Lost" and HBO's "Watchmen," we probably should have known that "Mrs. Davis" is really a bold show that offers so much more than what we initially thought. Lindelof co-created the Peacock series with former "Young Sheldon" writer Tara Hernandez, and the result is a strange and fresh journey that refuses to let go once we're strapped in.

There's a lot going on with "Mrs. Davis," from its wonderfully bizarre cast, many of whom are meant to assist Simone on her quest, to a few intriguing mysteries that will surely have viewers on the hunt for crucial clues. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, folks will likely leave surprised when the first season eventually ends. With so much to enjoy and reflect upon in "Mrs. Davis," it will all seem so brief by the time Season 1 wraps up after eight episodes. Fortunately, in that regard, we still have a little time to enjoy the wild ride of "Mrs. Davis," as half of the episodes are already available to watch.

Mrs. Davis premiered with four episodes

Anyone who had the chance to attend SXSW in March 2023 already got the opportunity to witness the first premiere of "Mrs. Davis" because two episodes were shown during the annual festival. However, fans waiting on the official streaming premiere also received a treat. Instead of one episode premiere on April 20, 2023, the first four of the season dropped on Peacock. That's right. Rather than immediately leave an entire season for people to binge, Peacock opted to give viewers half now and the rest later. And while that might seem a little off-kilter, fans will probably be grateful for a little break before Episode 5 to recover their melted minds a bit.

Besides, each episode of "Mrs. Davis" runs close to the one-hour mark. So that is a healthy four hours of binging. As for the rest of the season, "Mrs. Davis" will run a more traditional route with scheduling, as further episodes will premiere every following Thursday. Episode 5 will stream on Peacock on April 27, 2023, while Episodes 6 and 7 will premiere on May 4 and May 11, respectively. This all leads up to the season finale, which takes place on May 18. There is currently no official word yet on Season 2. But depending on how Season 1 ends, and if the acclaim continues through the rest of the episodes, we have to imagine that Peacock would consider greenlighting another one.