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Peacock's Mrs. Davis Makes A Solid First Impression On Viewers

Damon Lindelof has been the driving force behind some of the best and most divisive series to grace the airwaves. While swing-for-the-fences styled shows like "Lost," "The Leftovers," and "Watchmen" are among those that have earned cheers, jeers, and often lots of head-scratching from viewers, Lindelof is hitting the streaming realm this week with one of his most daring series yet, the Peacock original "Mrs. Davis," which he co-created with "The Big Bang Theory" alum Tara Hernandez. 

If you've yet to study up on "Mrs. Davis," the seriocomic actioner finds "GLOW" breakout Betty Gilpin playing Sister Simone, a battle-tested nun given the epic task of recovering the Holy Grail to destroy the near omnipotent A.I. of the title. And if you've seen the series trailer, you know it looks even wilder than that gonzo setup hints at.

With the first four episodes now available to stream, viewers are discovering that's very much the case. As one might expect, they're taking to online platforms to proclaim they're ready for more. Twitter is, of course, ground zero for such posting, with u/@joopinionated hitting the site to post, "#MrsDavis debuts today! It is a WILD ride; hilarious, dark, thought-provoking. The most unique show I've ever seen! HIGHLY recommended," going on to call it one of the funniest, and craziest series Lindelof has yet delivered. Elsewhere, u/@1nclusionRider also hit the platform to say, "From the minute Betty Gilpin pulled that hood down and said 'What happened?!' I was all the way IN!"

Some viewers are calling Mrs. Davis one of the more fiercely original series they've ever seen

While "Mrs. Davis" is proving a wild ride for the average viewer, many critics are just as delightfully confounded by the series. That includes Rolling Stone scribe Alan Sepinwall, who endorsed the series on his own Twitter page with the post, "A pair of streaming shows debuted today that I like a lot for very different reasons. One is Peacock's #MrsDavis, a glorious, ridiculous mess, co-created by Damon Lindelof."

In a later comment, Sepinwall would favorably compare "Mrs. Davis" to a live-action Looney Tunes series, which is as savvy a comparison as you'll find. Entertainment Weekly critic u/@KristenGBaldwin was just as intrigued by the show, however, praising the work of Betty Gilpin in their own post, stating, "#MrsDavis, the new @peacock drama from #TaraHernandez and #DamonLindelof, is almost impossible to explain but quite easy to enjoy, thanks in large part to an amazing performance by #BettyGilpin."

Meanwhile, u/@woahitsjuanito added to the conversation with the admiring words, "The premiere of Mrs. Davis opens with a whole a** battle scene between French soldiers and nuns that features an absurdly delightful amount of stabbing and blood spattering. Television is good again." A suitably lively Reddit discussion thread is providing just as many spicy reactions too, with u/CosmicLars summing up the general vibe with the comment, "Bro. What did I just watch? 🤣 I kind of f*****g love it." And yes, we're willing to bet posts like that will populate Reddit land and beyond all weekend as viewers hit up Peacock and binge the first few episodes of "Mrs. Davis."