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Scream 6 Gave David Arquette 'FOMO' After Dewey's Twist Ending In 5

Dewey missed out on the gang's adventure in New York City.

After "Scream 4" hit cinemas in 2011, the future of the "Scream" franchise seemed uncertain. With the death of franchise steward Wes Craven in 2015, it seemed as if the "Scream" films would be put to rest. That is until reboots and revivals became all the rage in Hollywood, which compelled Paramount Pictures to resurrect the meta-horror franchise, hoping it would poke fun at the very trend it was participating in. With "Ready or Not" directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett at the helm, 2022's "Scream" grossed over $138 million at the box office, emerging as a worthy successor.

The fifth "Scream" took major swings, bringing back Syndey Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) as old guards who aid the new leads, the Carpenter sisters. It also saw the return of a down-on-his-luck Dewey (David Arquette), who helps guide the new gang in their Ghostface investigations. A shocking twist, however, saw Dewey get the axe, dying a hero. Before his death, characters in the reboot pointed out that a member from the original "films" would have to die. Naturally, it was the reluctant but lovable guardian who died in true reboot fashion.

For Arquette, watching the gang get up to hijinks in "Scream 6" wasn't easy to digest. "It was hard for me to do it, but I also knew I wanted to see it," Arquette told Variety. "Scream 6" took the characters to New York City, Weathers' stomping grounds as an anchor. As much as he enjoyed the latest "Scream" entry, Arquette wished he was a part of it, saying, "It was sad. I had lots of FOMO."

David Arquette was happy to return but sad to die

Prior to the release of the fifth "Scream" film, David Arquette was excited to return to the franchise he had been a part of since the '90s. While speaking with Geeks of Color, Arquette gushed about the franchise, saying, "[Scream] has such a close place in my heart. You know, there's not a lot of films that span 24 years, but I'm a part of it." The actor continued by describing his return to the franchise and character as "an emotional experience." It certainly was an emotional experience for fans, who were devastated to see Dewey die.

While the "Scream" films have never shied away from wracking up impressive body counts, the core three (Sidney, Gale, Dewey) seemed untouchable. That, obviously, is no longer the case, now that the franchise is in the hands of the Carpenter sisters, played by Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera.

Following the release of the fifth "Scream," Arquette opened up about the fatal scene, which saw Ghostface viciously kill him in the hospital. "It was sad," the actor told Variety. "I mean, it's something that I've been a part of for so long. So I had to process that. But I get it, I get the emotional stakes that were involved to draw on." Arquette continued by confirming that his final scene on the set of the film was Dewey's death. Following his character's death, Arquette needed a breather. "So I did the scene, I went to the hotel, and I just kind of sat with it. Then I packed up and left. It was a big portion of my life coming to a close and a lot to process."