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Power Rangers Fans Debate The Franchise's Most Mature Show (But It Might Not Exist)

"Power Rangers" has gone through numerous iterations over the years. From the original "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" to "Beast Morphers" and beyond, everyone has the version they started with and look back on fondly. And while there are differences between each individual series, the basic format remains the same, where teenagers with attitude are tasked with defending the world from monsters while taking on the form of powerful rangers. Plus, every show is ultimately packaged toward children and perhaps adults who want to relive some nostalgia. 

Unless one goes looking for unauthorized fan films, the main "Power Rangers" series is going to be fairly PG, which may not be the most compelling thing for adult viewers. It's the kind of thing that got Redditor u/Known_Anteater5096 to ask, "So I used to watch this show a lot as a kid and was wondering what's the best series or show to start watching as a adult?" Despite being a kids' show, "Power Rangers" has been known to delve into some complex themes even adults can appreciate. You just need to know where to start looking.

Power Rangers RPM more heavily focuses on tragic elements

When it comes to "Power Rangers," there are always going to be silly jokes and overly-choreographed fight scenes. However, there are still stories at the heart of these shows, and some of them actually venture into mature territory. The themes are nothing that would go over the head of a child, but adults watching them can find things to appreciate. Redditor u/mindoversoul listed some of the themes found in various "Power Rangers" properties, like how "Time Force" explores grief and how "Wild Force" gets into the idea of religion. 

But going through the thread, it's clear that many "Power Rangers" fans consider "RPM" to be the best one for adults. It takes place in a dystopic world and even gave future "Ghosts" star Rose McIver an early acting credit. Even u/mindoversoul admits this by writing, "RPM is the most 'adult' you'll find." Redditor u/bluebirdgm agrees with this, "Power Rangers RPM (2009). It's the 'high water mark' of the franchise, IMO." That isn't to say "RPM" isn't ultimately for kids; as u/spongeboy1985 points out, "Its worth noting RPM is still pretty silly despite it having a rather dark setting but it makes up for it by having well written characters."

"Power Rangers" always was and always will be made for kids. It isn't going to grow with its audience, but that doesn't mean there aren't valuable life lessons to learn. For something truly adult-oriented, you'll need to check out Adi Shankar's unofficial "Power Rangers" bootleg, starring James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff. Otherwise, get ready for silly jokes and morality lessons about the power of friendship. 

It's a kids' show first and foremost

Mature themes here and there are common in many children's media, especially these days with shows like "The Owl House" and "Amphibia." While certain "Power Rangers" installments can certainly fall into that category, it's vital to remember it's a children's show designed to sell toys at the end of the day. This means it isn't always easy to view the show through an adult lens, but if you're willing to give it a chance, you can still find enjoyment in it. 

Redditor u/cobagarz offered solid advice for anyone considering starting the series, "It is important to remind yourself that it is made for kids and sometimes it's just hard to watch because it's so cringey, but you power through. It's awesome to see little Easter eggs here and there throughout the franchise and it ties them all together. It made Power Rangers that much more of an impact on my life." If that still doesn't sound appetizing, perhaps you need another show to look toward. 

Redditor u/Maly1705 came up with a list of shows like "Power Rangers" that are a bit darker in tone, "I dont think any of Power rangers leave me expression of dark tone, mostly watch for entertain and cool transform scene. But some other gerne i can introduce with you that visual still good compared to nowaday film like Garo, Kamen rider Amazons 2016, Shin kamen rider, Kamen rider black sun, most Kamen rider Heisei phase 1 and some phase 2 like W." "Power Rangers" has never been particularly deep, but that doesn't mean fans should allow that to dampen their enjoyment. As long as it brings some semblance of pleasure, it's a show always worth a rewatch.