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Who Plays Oleg In The Snowman?

Surprisingly enough, the critically panned 2017 crime drama "The Snowman" is doing very well on Netflix several years later. Now, the many subscribers who are apparently watching the film may be curious to know which actor is responsible for playing Oleg, the boy who main character Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) loves like a son.

When the feature first debuted, it was not met with the kind of reception it's evidently receiving on the streamer. As it stands, "The Snowman" has an abysmal rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus from the site claiming, "A mystery that feels as mashed together and perishable as its title, 'The Snowman' squanders its bestselling source material as well as a top-notch ensemble cast." While the flick may not be the best ever made, there's no denying the roster is full of talented players who have made their presence known in other works. 

Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson are pretty well known and have lent their talents to big franchises in the past. Other people who stand out include Jonas Karlsson as Mathias Lund-Helgsen and Charlotte Gainsbourg as Rakel Fauke, Oleg's mother. The actor who plays her son is Michael Yates. It's understandable if people don't recognize the young actor — "The Snowman" was his first feature, and his only other credit is playing "Boy" in the short film "Analogue" in 2018. While it's less than ideal to have one's first movie get ravaged by the critics, Yates' cinematic debut has gotten a second chance on the streamer, which has caused quite a stir with viewers.

Subscribers are shocked Micheal Yates' first feature is doing so well on Netflix

Nobody probably expected "The Snowman" to get a lot of attention when it came to Netflix, let alone make it into the upper echelons of the streamer's top ten charts. Despite its cast of gifted thespians like Michael Fassbender and promising up-and-comers like Michael Yates, the movie's success on the streaming service has been a baffling affair for some to comprehend, and while no one has a definitive answer to what's happening here, many have taken to social media to voice their reactions to the conundrum.

User @TheAlexSylvian posted on Twitter, "Only reasonable explanations for 'The Snowman' hitting it big on Netflix are A. Michael Fassbender is hot and B. People keep falling asleep in the middle of it because it's the most boring movie ever made." And @AndyHerren posted how peculiar the situation was along with a fascinating revelation, writing, "The Snowman (2017) is the #1 movie on Netflix right now, which is truly shocking. I will never forget seeing it in the theater, and legit thinking I like passed out or something because it made no sense by the end. Looked it up, and roughly 15% of the script was never filmed!!!!!" It's true — director Tomas Alfredson has confirmed that a rushed production ruined the movie and that not getting to shoot the rest of the script didn't help matters either.

While things didn't work out as planned for "The Snowman," one definite silver lining from this ordeal is that now Michael Yates and the rest of the people involved in the troubled flick can say they were part of a number one hit on one of the most popular streamers in the world.