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The Mandalorian Theory: [SPOILER] Will Be Destroyed In Season 4

Contains spoilers for "The Mandalorian" Season 3, Episode 8, "The Return"

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and his young ward of Grogu have certainly gone on a wild ride throughout Season 3 of "The Mandalorian." Initially sent on a quest to bathe in the Living Waters of Mandalore, Djarin and Grogu are soon tooling about the "Star Wars" galaxy and dealing with pirates, Imperial forces, and even giant monsters that seem to have a predilection for the taste of Mandalorians. At the end of their Season 3 journey, Djarin officially accepts Grogu as not only his apprentice, but his son as well.

Upon making this pledge before other Mandalorians, the Armorer (Emily Swallow) informs Djarin that he and Grogu must leave the Mandalorian home planet in order for Grogu to be properly trained. Considering that Djarin is a bounty hunter by trade, this means that he and Grogu set up shop away from the others, and the last scene of the Season 3 finale sees the two relaxing at their new cabin on Nevarro. Unfortunately, it seems as if many fans don't think Grogu and Djarin's new home will last very long. Take, for instance, @Sharkonscariff, who tweeted, "that house is absolutely getting bombed next season there is no such thing as a happy family ending in star wars."

Fans love the new Din house but don't think it will last very long

Of course, others were also keen to make this same prediction, such as @mariodpgodoy, who posted a GIF of a powerful laser absolutely ravaging the surface of a planet. They added that they fully expect this image to be similar to the fate of Grogu and Djarin's house at the start of Season 4. User @mandoloverian slammed on their capslock button and added, "DIN IS GROGU'S FATHER. THEY HAVE A HOME TOGETHER. DIN SITS OUTSIDE WHILE GROGU PLAYS. THEYRE A FAMILY. IM SO HAPPY AND SO UNWELL ALL AT ONCE. I CRIED FOUR TIMES." Meanwhile, @elliedjariin expressed a similar feeling, and noted how cute the Din family home is.

However, if one thing is certain in "Star Wars," it's that people aren't often allowed to just exist in peace, even if they're attempting to lay low — just look at Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in "The Last Jedi." Besides this example, most characters in "Star Wars" are usually rolling stones, and don't spend too much time in any one particular area. How many homes and permanent domiciles of main "Star Wars" characters can one name? In addition, the closest thing Djarin has had to a home so far has been his Season 1 spacecraft, the Razorcrest, and fans certainly know what happened to that. Still, it seems as if there are two things that fans feel about the new Din household: the house is adorable, and it probably won't last for very long.