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Power Rangers: Once & Always Made A Huge Mistake With Bulk & Skull

While Netflix special "Power Rangers: Once & Always" marks the 30th anniversary of the original "Power Rangers" show by reuniting many of its main cast members, Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang), Green/White Ranger Tommy Oliver (the late Jason David Frank), and Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) are all absent. In Trini's case, this is due to Trang's passing in 2001, while the reasons for Frank — when he died in 2022, filming was already complete — and Kimberly's absences remain unspecified. As a result, some fans think "Once & Always" feels incomplete without Trini and Tommy.

Meanwhile, a number of dedicated "Power Rangers" fans are unhappy with how the special handles Bulk (Paul Schrier) and Skull (Jason Narvy), a pair of high school bullies in the original series. One shot in "Once & Always" showcases a billboard for a bulk food company the duo now owns, and even teases their inclusion with a brief rendition of their theme. However, neither Bulk nor Skull ultimately appears in the special, which left some viewers upset.

Users @RayLeone_ and @bananadumbledor, for instance, tweeted about their disappointment at these characters' absences. Similarly, @endshark wrote, "That power rangers special was everything I could have hoped for, tho the bulk and skull fakeout made me sad LOL," reinforcing the fact that the unfulfilled tease is a notable point of contention among certain "Power Rangers" fans.

Bulk & Skull are generating plenty of discussion online

In a Reddit thread about "Power Rangers: Once & Always," user tw319889 wrote, "Anyone noticed the Bulk/Skull sign? I thought that was leading into a cameo." This received more than 135 upvotes, becoming one of the top comments in the thread. Reactions from fans in subsequent replies range from simply bemused at the faux-appearance, to outright upset that acknowledgement of the two classic characters merely amounted to a billboard and a musical cue.

User mr__outside is among the contingent of viewers unhappy with how "Once & Always" handles Bulk and Skull. "Biggest disappointment of an otherwise pretty fun special – you had the sign with their faces and the opening notes of the classic theme only for them to never get mentioned again," they wrote.

Meanwhile, both users puromento and Spaghettitimer shared that they thought the pair would appear in a scene near the special's conclusion at the Angel Grove Youth Center's juice bar, which is somewhere Bulk and Skull frequent in the original "Power Rangers" series.

Of course, actors Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy simply may not have been available to film "Once & Always." Nevertheless, the allusion to their involvement that never pays off left some fans feeling let down.