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Amazon Prime's The Power Fixes A Major Problem From The Book Series

There is no question that representation is sorely lacking in film and television. While the "strong female" trope has been Hollywood's answer to misogyny, it doesn't work as a catch-all device. Audiences are hungering for more female-specific experiences and perspectives, and Amazon has put its best foot forward in this regard. Adapted from the Naomi Alderman book of the same name, "The Power" is an almost fully female ensemble that puts a particular point on these issues. Set in a world where girls everywhere grow a new organ that allows them to generate electricity, this new power allows women to walk in the world without fear.

The series stays remarkably faithful to the source material, but just like the women of the story, it has evolved when necessary. Alderman's novel painted a binary picture of the world that was startlingly quiet when it came to representing trans characters. Amazon's "The Power" quickly rectifies that with an original character written for the series. Daniela Vega is a landmark trans actress who has starred in films such as "A Fantastic Woman." In "The Power," she portrays a trans nun named Sister Maria who also develops the ability to generate electricity. A positive force for Allie (Halle Bush), who believes that God is speaking to her, Sister Maria represents other areas where gender conversation can be more in-depth. With the recent assault on trans rights throughout the country, the character opens up a conversation that is needed desperately.

Naomi Alderman was happy to update her source material

"The Power" has joined the near-constant stream of television adaptations but also stands apart from shows of its ilk. This series feels extremely topical, especially when people are screaming for change. Naomi Alderman is happy to contribute to relevant fiction, even if it means changing what she wrote in 2016. The author admitted to CinemaBlend that in the years since the book came out, she had a dialogue with fans clamoring for a trans character. Since beginning the book over a decade ago, she acknowledged some things slipped by her. But the new series is the perfect opportunity to update her book for modern audiences.

"I'm extremely delighted that we have the wonderful actress Daniela Vega, who is a trans actress who is playing a trans character, Sister Maria, in the show, and we get into her story and it's not a spoiler to say that in the show, it's explicitly clear that you get the electric skein if you've got estrogen in your body. So trans women are women," Alderman said. This opinion is a refreshing contrast to vitriolic fantasy writers whose involvement keeps getting defended in recent projects. The character of Sister Maria wasn't included to pander to audiences. Her appearance confirms exactly how The Power works in this universe while also supporting the trans community. Sister Maria's ability to wield The Power celebrates a message that is, well, powerful.