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The Idol Trailer Has Blackpink Fans Ecstatic Over Jennie's Acting Debut

The latest trailer for "The Idol" depicts the dark side that comes with fame, especially when there's a cult leader involved. In an interesting move, HBO's upcoming series called upon many musical artists to round out its star-studded cast.

While The Weeknd is enough to draw in most viewers, K-pop fans can't get over an idol of their own in HBO's latest drama. Jennie Kim of Blackpink makes her acting debut in "The Idol," playing Jocelyn's (Lily Rose-Depp) friend, Angel. 

The series premiere couldn't come at a better time for Jennie, as Blackpink just became the first K-pop group to headline Coachella. Blackpink fans came out in full support of their idol's first venture into acting, and K-pop fans flooded the recent trailer's YouTube comment section with support for Jennie, dominating the conversation over The Weeknd, whose channel hosted the trailer.  

"Jennie will be amazing in this series," @Jisooteamo posted. @LEELEO couldn't believe the Blackpink idol will appear in the show, believing she'll give an incredible performance. That excitement spread across social media as K-pop fans proved their fandom is incredibly dedicated.

Blackpink fans will stop at nothing to see Jennie in The Idol

Even though Jennie isn't a prominent feature of the latest trailer for "The Idol," Blackpink fans loved what they saw. Thanks to her, HBO has locked in the fandom for the weekly episodes. 

"Jennie is going to shine without a doubt," @yiremiese posted on YouTube. Many more Blackpink fans voiced similar opinions in the comment section, but @mourawu, in particular, showed how deep their love for the singer runs. "Jennie isn't just an idol," they posted. "She is perfection." 

While some fans are excited, others worry their favorite K-pop idol won't get enough screen time in "The Idol." Thankfully, others see this as a jumping-off point for the performer. "For Jennie stans, 'The Idol' is just a starting point for Jennie's acting career," @acupoftaewithsugabythekookie2229 posted. "So it's OK if she doesn't get that [many] scenes. Let's support our girl anyway." Another user, @pinkvenom5816, summed it up and stated "JENNIE is the revolution." This support also poured over into Twitter.

"I'm so freaking seated for Jennie's actress debut in 'The Idol,'" @Jnkisbae posted. @Firejennie shared this sentiment and tweeted a photo of the singer's scene from the trailer. "Oh, she's delivering the line of her life here," they posted. Meanwhile, @Jnkloops posted a "Jennie Cut" of "The Idol" trailer, only including clips that featured the Blackpink star. While "The Idol" looks like a solid drama, @Kyleigh1627 said what all Blackpink fans are thinking, claiming Jennie is the main reason to tune into the series.