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What's The Song In The Idol Teaser Trailer?

"The Idol," starring Lily-Rose Depp, has announced its release date with a brand new teaser, and some people wonder what song is playing during the preview for the new series. While some may think it's the fictional Jocelyn (Depp) singing, those individuals would be incorrect, and they may be surprised to learn who is responsible for the banger in the background.

"The Idol" has gotten a lot of attention before its premiere, and not for all the best reasons. Despite reports of drama behind the scenes, Depp has praised Sam Levinson for his efforts in creating a series that will offer fans an experience like no other and do so in a safe and secure environment. 

Now, viewers get a better understanding of who Jocelyn is, where she is coming from, and how things start to get out of hand the closer she gets to Tedros (Abel Tesfaye). The story looks enticing, and the music chosen to introduce fans to the narrative is fitting, considering it's from another pop idol who wasn't immune to controversy. Britney Spears' 2007 single "Gimme More" is the track playing in the trailer, and some may not realize how much the video for the song has in common with what's going on with "The Idol."

'Gimme More' gave way to plenty of behind the scenes drama

When the song first arrived, it was the highest-peaking song on the charts since Brittney Spears' first big hit, "...Baby One More Time." It was eventually certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. 

By all accounts, "Gimme More" was doing exceptional in its audio form, but things took a turn when it was time for the music video. Spears, known for having game-changing videos, decided to go in a different direction for "Gimme More." Instead of relying on heavily choreographed routines, the pop star decided to go with a pole dance number. 

When it came time to implement the bold maneuver, things didn't go as planned. Mikal Sky, who served as the makeup artist for the shoot, revealed that Britney was in a rough place. Despite the director's best efforts, Spears did not see eye-to-eye with what was planned. 

"She had just shaved her head and was getting nothing but bad press," Sky said to MoneyMakingMakeupArtists.com. "She sabotaged the director by refusing to perform and follow the script. So, what we got was her dancing on a stripper pole with her friends." 

Despite the difficult shoot, the video has over 300 million views on YouTube. It also proves that for any idol, success is drenched in controversy.