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Spider-Man Is Getting A Major Iron Man Upgrade With New Armor

*Contains spoilers for "The Amazing Spider-Man" #24 by Marvel Comics*

Spider-Man's attempts to save Mary Jane Watson from a dark fate have taken him to Norman Osborn, Peter Parker's longtime villain, who is helping him create a new set of armor to assist his potentially dire situation. In the preview for "The Amazing Spider-Man" #24 by Zeb Wells, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Menyz, and VC's Joe Caramagna, it's revealed Osborn is using stolen Iron Man tech to help build the armor for Spider-Man — with Peter assisting in the crime in order to save his girlfriend.

In the current "The Amazing Spider-Man" ongoing series by Marvel Comics, Mary Jane Watson and Peter have split up, and she has developed a new relationship and family with a man named Paul. The long-teased events of what really happened to one of the publisher's most iconic relationships are finally being told, as recent flashbacks show the villain Benjamin Rabin sending her to an alternate universe while attempting to become a god. MJ ended up sacrificing herself to prevent Rabin from stealing Spider-Man's totem energy. On the run and getting no help from the Fantastic Four or Captain America, Peter's desperation had him turning to Norman Osborn for assistance.

Norman Osborn is building Spider-Man a new armor

In the new preview of "The Amazing Spider-Man" #24 courtesy of CBR, Marvel reveals the lead-up to what fractured Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's relationship. Parker successfully evades Johnny Storm and the heroes looking to find him and meets with Norman Osborn. The former Green Goblin says he's close to done making the hero a new Spider-Man armor to save MJ, sharing he's used quantum cables Peter stole from Tony Stark alongside modified parts Black Cat took from Moon Girl. However, when Osborn tells Peter he needs more time to run tests, the hero says there's no time to waste and needs to use the armor now. Osborn agrees to help, giving Spider-Man a device allowing him one trip back to his world from an alternate reality.  The preview ends with Spider-Man suiting up in the massive armor as Norman Osborn thanks him for trusting him. But Peter isn't ready to entirely toss aside his hatred toward his usual villain, telling him he didn't have a choice besides asking for his help to save MJ. 

The new armor resembles Iron Man's, as it's much bulkier and more robotic than Spider-Man's usual costume. But, thanks to the upgrade, Parker has his best chance to pull MJ back to his timeline — a seemingly successful mission given the entire issue is a flashback. However, with so many details still unknown, including how MJ returned and gained a new family following her split with Peter, the issue should answer several long-awaited reader questions.

Spider-Man's new armor is key to saving MJ

It may be strange to see Peter Parker working alongside Norman Osborn as the pair have shared many dark moments and deadly battles over the years — even with the former Green Goblin later going down a more heroic path as Marvel's new Gold Goblin. But, with Mary Jane Watson trapped in an alternate dimension and his fellow heroes trying to apprehend him, working with Osborn appears to be Spider-Man's only path to saving her. He realizes that and is willing to bite the bullet and temporarily ignore their past. The Iron Man-like armor built by Osborn, while untested, will be critical for Peter to travel to the mysterious dimension and stop Benjamin Rabin. So, it appears Spider-Man made the right choice by turning to Osborn.

Still, the lingering question remains, will Osborn's creation help Peter, or does the longtime Spider-Man villain have ulterior motives that will interfere with his attempts to save MJ? Trusting Norman in any situation, especially given Spider-Man's history with the Green Goblin, has to be a tough pill for the hero to swallow. Readers can see Spider-Man's new armor in action when "The Amazing Spider-Man" #24 by Zeb Wells, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Menyz, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers next Wednesday.