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Chicago Med's Dominic Rains Doesn't Like To Watch The Show At Home

Dominic Rains has been acting long enough to hone his craft and achieve the level he's at today. The Iranian-born actor has been at it for almost two decades, appearing in productions such as "24," "General Hospital," and even a stint in the MCU with a role on "Agents of SHIELD." Of course, many fans know him as Dr. Crockett Marcel from the hit NBC series, "Chicago Med." Rains first donned the show's scrubs at the start of Season 5, but if you think that rewatching his 76 episodes of the medical drama would be a way for Rains to sharpen up his performance, think again.

Despite Rains now having logged four seasons on "Chicago Med," he admitted to Nekia Nichelle that he never watches the show. "Not that I'm against it, but I don't," he said. Rains explained that this decision has nothing to do with him not being able to mentally handle watching his own performance, but more about how much his work appears to change long after the director yells "cut!" "Then it gets to the editing room, and they end up shaving it," Rains explained. "Doing this and doing that, they take a take that you weren't a fan of." Rains then shockingly admitted to not being in possession of the one tool you would think an actor would need. "I don't even own a TV, to be honest with you," he said.

He will peek at the occasional YouTube clip

It's no secret that plenty of scenes filmed for a TV series are often altered in the editing room or cut out all together. Of course, this is the same for "Chicago Med," and that is the main reason why Dominic Rains isn't a fan of watching the final product. But this doesn't mean he feels any animosity towards those folks working behind the scenes. "They are a very talented and experienced group," he said about the editors. "So they know what they're doing and they know what they're going for and I have a lot of respect for them." 

Even though Rains doesn't have a television at home, that doesn't mean he completely shields himself from the final product. Rains may not have the traditional means of watching, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have access to "Chicago Med." "I may try to catch a clip here or there via YouTube from time to time just because I'm curious to know how something went," he admitted. "But that's really rare." 

Aside from seeing the occasional online clip, Rains trusts in his original instincts when it comes to developing his characters. "I just focus on the work, do it ... it's theirs [the editors] from there." One thing's for sure, Rains has proven that there really isn't a need for an actor to self-critique. "I have certain expectations," he said. "I can see it for what it is, and that's totally fine."