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Law And Order: Organized Crime: The Frequent Showrunner Turnover Has Fans Worried

Running a TV show is surely no easy task. In fact, showrunners leave different series all the time to pursue other things. But something strange seems to be afoot with one of Dick Wolf's many crime procedurals, "Law and Order: Organized Crime," and the sheer amount of showrunners that particular series has had in its relatively short run. 

According to Deadline, "Organized Crime" showrunner Sean Jablonski is stepping down just as the show is wrapping up its third season on NBC. "Law and Order: SVU" showrunner David Graziano will step in as showrunner for the remaining three episodes they have to film for that season. Jablonski cited "creative differences" as the cause of his exit.

Jablonski joins Bryan Goluboff and Barry O'Brien, both of whom worked as showrunners for the series throughout 2022 before abruptly exiting. O'Brien finished Season 2 of the show after previous showrunner Ilene Chaiken stepped down. She in turn took over for the program's first showrunner, Matt Olmstead. At this point, this three-season show has had six different showrunners.

Fans on Reddit took note of the dire situation and expressed their worried opinions about the show going forward. "That will make three showrunners in one season ... This show is not going to last much longer with this revolving door of showrunners," said u/ButterscotchPast4812, who started the thread. Redditor u/Playful_Spring_8307 said in response, "I want to know who has the tea because this is fishy as all heck ... Idk I feel like this might be spelling the end for 'OC.'"

Fans want the show to course correct and stay on air

While no tea was spilled in the Reddit thread about the showrunner turnover rate at "Law and Order: Organized Crime," most fans thought that six different people inhabiting the post surely spelled disaster for the show's future on NBC. "I don't think I've seen a show with a turnover rate this high," u/DallasTexas1993 said. Redditor u/ChattGM responded, "My wishful thinking is since [David Graziano] is taking over, maybe over these final three episodes there will be some sort of continuity with 'SVU' and 'OC'?"

A lot of users preferred it when Ilene Chaiken was running the show. Her name came up often in the thread, with users wishing for her return. "Besides Ilene, nobody has been ... very good and it's probably very frustrating for [star Christopher Meloni]. Ilene created 'must watch' [television] in her first two arcs and to go from that to this season must be jarring," u/Amxx5125 said.

Some Redditors mentioned the show's inconsistencies in tone as reasons that they stopped watching the spinoff. Basically fans are seeing red flags for the show, but ultimately want it to succeed. They like the cast and the "Law and Order" format and they don't want to see the show get canceled. Time will tell if the series stabilizes or adds any more showrunners to its roster. Fans just want the series to be consistent — and hopefully soon it will be.