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Virgin River Fans Highly Doubt Season 5 Will Be The Series' End

Netflix has a true sleeper hit on its hands with the romantic drama "Virgin River." The show's done good business on the streaming service since the first season debuted in 2019. The fourth season came out in 2022, and Netflix clearly wants to keep the good times rolling, renewing "Virgin River" for Season 5. While the next installment is due to come out later in 2023, fans hope it isn't the final season, as there's plenty of room for these characters to continue growing.

Redditor u/blairhoffman42 kicked off a discussion, asking fellow fans whether they wanted "Virgin River" to continue past the fifth season: "It's obviously unknown by now, but seeing how season 4 went, what do you guys think? They'll wrap everything up in season 5 or you guys think this can go on for more seasons?" Redditor u/KillerDickens points out, "Well... the show is based on a series of books, while I don't expect them to cover all 20 novels, I think there would be enough material for few more seasons. I guess that depends on ratings/actors/big guys at netflix."

Granted, even if the Netflix series runs out of material from the books, it could add more drama for the characters to experience. Regardless, it definitely sounds like fans aren't ready for "Virgin River" to end just yet.

Some Virgin River fans think the show could go on for a while

In the discussion thread, the overwhelming consensus is that "Virgin River" could go on for quite some time if Netflix is so inclined. Granted, people don't want the show to wear out its welcome, but they certainly think Season 5 shouldn't be the end. For instance, u/Complete-Road-3229 suggested, "More seasons, please and thank you. There's enough material for them to keep going at this point. I mean it will probably take 3 or 4 more seasons for Mel to even give birth."

However, others are more pragmatic, like u/witchygidget pointing out, "Even if it is extremely popular, most Netflix Original shows end after 3 seasons and Grace & Frankie is the longest with 7. Even Stranger Things isn't more than 5 seasons. I think we'll get 2 more or 1 more and a movie, which I think is a solid run." Some "Virgin River" fans point out that the show isn't as expensive to make as "Stranger Things," so as long as everyone wants to keep making it, it could theoretically go on or possibly beat the seven-season run of "Grace & Frankie."

And those behind the scenes definitely want to make the most out of the series. When speaking to US Weekly, showrunner Sue Tenney stated, "I want to do as many seasons as we can." The reception and viewership of "Virgin River" Season 5 will likely play a role in the future of the series, so all fans can do is continue tuning in if they want the show to play on.