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Grey's Anatomy: Kaimelia's [SPOILER] Highlights The Show's Problem With Romance

The following article contains spoilers for "Grey's Anatomy" Season 19, Episodes 14 and 15.

"Grey's Anatomy" fans were treated to double the goodness and double the heartbreak on April 13 when ABC treated viewers to two new episodes. There was a lot of ground to cover, but in the aftermath, all anyone could seemingly talk about was the breakup between Kai (E.R. Fightmaster) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). Amelia's been having a tough time on the show as of late, as her sisters moved across the country to pursue other jobs. Now, Kai's doing the same as they were offered work running a London lab.

Fans may have been excited to see Kai back in Seattle, but that excitement quickly turned to fear when the pair began discussing the future of their relationship. It was already tough with the two of them living in different states, but the prospect of Kai going to another country was simply too much. And fans are once again disappointed that Amelia just can't find happiness in this show. Twitter user @NutCase_ wrote, "excuse me but when i begged for kai to come back, i did not mean so kaimelia could break up!"

For many, it feels unfair to pile so much heartbreak onto one character, and even though Kai's worked hard to get to London, many hope it isn't the end for Kaimelia.

Grey's Anatomy fans are tired of seeing Amelia in heartbreak

While breakups make for good drama, a lot of fans feel as though Amelia has been through enough for one season, especially seeing how well she was getting along with Kai. There's always a chance things could turn around before the end of Season 19, but fans appear tired of having their emotions toyed with when it comes to someone as nice as Amelia. That was the case with @ellodie_, who stated, "CAN THE WRITERS GIVE A BREAK AND HAPPINESS TO AMELIA SHEPHERD ?! SHE DESERVES THE WORLD."

Others, like @Jessmuir0407, are holding out hope against hope someone can bring them back together: "I'm hoping something happens that makes Kai not go to London because otherwise, what was the point of Kai and Amelia even getting back together at the end of last season?" The comment signals a real problem "Grey's Anatomy" has with romance, where outside forces prevent two people from staying together, resulting in heartbreak for everyone involved. At the very least, @fireplaceashess thinks Amelia should get more support: "amelia doesn't deserve to be alone and needs a friend i vote we bring the private practice gang to greys and then bring arizona and callie back whilst they're at it but also make amelia and carina friends because they're both lonely at greys and i need to see that friendship."

And it wasn't that long ago that Kai and Amelia shared a Facetime call, giving fans reason to believe this could work out. Hopefully, things can turn around for Amelia before the "Grey's Anatomy" Season 19 finale so she can be in a better place.