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Breaking Bad: Fans Would Have Loved Seeing Walt Jr Working For Gus Fring

"Breaking Bad" is widely considered a top-tier crime drama. The show often received acclaim for its ever-escalating story arcs and character work, enough to win several Emmys and various other awards throughout its five-season run. Still, it's fun to speculate on what could have been. Funnily enough, some fans think that Walter White Jr. (RJ Mitte) should have ended up working for Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) at his Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant.

"This one is really obscure but when Jr. takes Hank to Pollos Hermanos to get Gus's Fringerprints, Gus offhandedly mentions an after-school position at Pollos to Jr. to make small talk," said u/Future_Letter_6720 in a Reddit thread discussing "Breaking Bad" story changes fans would've made. "I would have Jr. take an interest in it, with Gus now having even more of an explicit way to threaten Walter. Like imagine the 'do it' scene but Jr. Is now behind the counter with Fring, oblivious to what's going on."

Not only would it have been an interesting and potentially funny twist to have Walt Jr. work for Gus, but some viewers also argue that it would have accomplished a lot for Walt Jr.'s character in "Breaking Bad."

Breaking Bad fans argue Walt Jr. working for Gus would have made him more instrumental

While the above argument for Walt Jr. working for Gus is framed as something of a more obscure change to the "Breaking Bad" plot, some fans also argue that it would have made Walt Jr. more of an interesting character and more directly tied to the main narrative. Not only that, but something of a role model position for Gus over Walt Jr. could have been another great way to add conflict between the drug kingpin and Walter (Bryan Cranston).

"Omg something important for Jr. to do that expands his character and gets an interesting unexpected character connection between him and Gus?" said u/Jumping_Peanuts, before sarcastically adding, "Sorry, Jr. has to be a static character, there was just no way to work him more into the story."

However, others pointed out that Walt Jr. working at his parents' car wash did a serviceable job of adding some proper tension. "Although, Jr. did end up working at the car wash when Walt and Skyler bought it," u/SundaeAcceptable5745 offered. "The scene where Saul comes in is interesting in that way; seeing innocent Jr talking to someone from this whole other life his dad is in that he's not aware of." Indeed, it's easy to see where the writers were going in moments like this, and it arguably might not have worked as well with Walt Jr. employed by Gus. It's still a fun scenario to imagine, regardless.