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Amazon's Invincible Season 2 Could Highlight The Comics' Darkest Story

This article contains mentions of fictional instances of sexual assault

Anyone who's watched Amazon's "Invincible" knows that the animated superhero series can get pretty dark. From Omni-Man brutally slaughtering his fellow heroes to Invincible himself getting beaten to within an inch of his life by his father, the show doesn't pull its punches. However, Season 2 of "Invincible" may go further than ever before by adapting the darkest storyline from the original comics.

The ending of "Invincible" Season 1 sees Mark and Allen the Alien having a casual diner chat. It's a lighthearted teaser of things to come for the most part, but it nonetheless reiterates that the pair must begin preparations for an imminent Viltrumite invasion. That's important, as it means Season 2 could introduce the Viltrumite warrior Anissa, who has a storied history battling against both Allen and Mark on several occasions.

If Anissa makes her debut in "Invincible" Season 2, it's possible that the series could adapt the comics' most controversial storyline. As Anissa faces off against Mark, she steadily develops feelings for him. This narrative thread takes a dark turn when Anissa forces herself on Mark and rapes him. It's an uncomfortable and tragic moment, and the ramifications of Mark's assault play a heavy role throughout the rest of the "Invincible" story.

Anissa showing up is iffy (but possible)

With how faithful "Invincible" as a show has been to the comics, it's likely only a matter of time before the major elements of Anissa's most heinous act in the series are adapted in some shape or form. The focus on Mark and Allen's partnership at the end of Season 1 and in the teaser trailer for Season 2 suggest that Anissa is prime for her debut and will probably face off against both characters at some point, just as she does early on in the comics. However, the timing still might not line up to include her darkest deed in Season 2.

For one thing, Anissa doesn't appear until Issue #44 of the comics. Season 1 of "Invincible" adapted up until roughly Issue #13, so Season 2 would probably need to cover a relatively greater portion of the story to include Anissa. Of course, the show could easily grab elements from later on in the story and introduce them early, but it's far from a given. Additionally, Anissa doesn't commit her assault until Issue #110, so it could be reserved for a subsequent season. Nonetheless, the possibility of this dark "Invincible" storyline getting at least some set-up in Season 2 can't be ruled out.

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