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Who Plays Mia In Talk To Me?

Among some of the biggest horror movies expected to blow everyone away 2023 are entries in big, established franchises, like "Saw X" and an upcoming "Exorcist" sequel. Of course, practically every year a number of independent releases make waves among horror fans too. Already in 2023, for example, the viral "Skinamarink," which the director shot in his own childhood home, caught on in a big way almost entirely through word of mouth after its premiere.

Likewise, after a screening at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, A24 picked up the rights to distribute an Australian supernatural horror film titled "Talk to Me." Its story kicks off when a group of teens discovers a disembodied, embalmed hand that they figure out they can use to communicate with spirits from another dimension. However, once a girl named Mia, portrayed by actor Sophia Wilde, attempts to use the hand to reconnect with her dead mom, what was once a game starts to bleed over into their everyday lives in a way they can't escape.

Mia in "Talk to Me" is Wilde's second ever role in a feature film, and just one of a few screen acting roles to date. That said, she's hitting the ground running and plays a significant part in every project she's a part of, priming her for breakout stardom.

Sophia Wilde is at the start of what could become a notable acting career

Just one year before the first-ever screening of "Talk to Me" at the Adelaide Film Festival in 2022, Sophia Wilde debuted on TV as a lead in the series "Eden" on Australian streaming service Stan. "Eden" itself is a sort of horror/thriller, about the disappearance of a girl at a party in an idyllic, beachside mansion. That same year, Wilde starred in a BBC One original series titled "You Don't Know Me," based on the book of the same name by crime novelist Imran Mahmood.

Wilde is also one of the stars of the 2023 fantasy feature film "The Portable Door," revolving around the juxtaposition of whimsical magic and a drab, corporate business environment. Rounding out its core cast are Christoph Waltz, Sam Neill, and Patrick Gibson.

"Talk to Me," then, is just the fourth chapter in a career that only just kicked off in 2021. That said, given that Wilde has played a major role in every project of her filmography to date, she's quite possibly a name to look out for moving forward. "Talk to Me," which itself will likely introduce plenty of viewers to her talents, premieres in the United States on July 28, 2023.