Outer Banks Fans Think John B's Reaction To Sarah And Topper Was Reasonable

Crafting a character and the way they interact with their world can be a tricky, delicate process for a screenwriter. There's no telling how fans will ultimately react to decisions these fictional people will make. However when it comes to "Outer Banks" and the cheating storyline in Season 3 involving John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), and Topper (Austin North), viewers are, for the most part, on the side of John B and his decision to beat up Topper.

"Idk how popular or unpopular this is but Top deserved to get his a** beat and Sarah deserved getting broken up with," said u/neverever1298 over on Reddit. It wasn't exactly an unpopular opinion either. "Topper was practically asking for a beat down with his whole 'No hard feeling bro' comment with that smug look plastered all over his face," u/Kittycats1212 added — and they weren't the only one to bring up that point either. 

Still, even with an overwhelming level of support for John B, there were some in the thread who pointed out that he took it too far and was actually acting somewhat hypocritical toward the entire situation, all for one key reason.

Some fans believe John B took the beating too far

Even some "Outer Banks" fans who defended John B's beating of Topper after finding out Sarah cheated on him with her former love interest thought he may have taken things way too far. "His immediate reaction to topper — valid," said u/ChandlerBingsMom. "He was asking for it. But whether or not topper is a d***, John b took it [too] far. One or two punches is understandable but that was a lot." U/qbit1010 agreed, saying, "Right when someone's out on the ground fight is over. Beyond that it's potential manslaughter/2nd degree murder let alone severe battery."

Still, not everyone was exactly on John B's side 100%, and some even felt that his response only revealed his own hypocrisy, considering that his and Sarah's relationship was the result of cheating. "It's valid, but it's also super hypocritical," said u/Aegon_Targaryen_III. "Their iconic kiss from Season 1 was while Sarah was still dating Topper. To see John B acting all outraged when the situations were reversed was pretty funny." 

Others mirrored this sentiment, even taking it one step further. "John B literally said, 'No hard feelings bro' to Topper after Topper found Sarah cheating on him with John B," said u/jaylee-03031. "Topper was giving John a little taste of his own medicine. John B was being a hypocrite and had no right to hit him."

It's certainly an interesting situation where, from the outside, it seems as if John B had a right to be angry. However, with the added context of the rest of the series and the history between these characters, things become a little murkier. It'll be interesting to see how Sarah and John B's relationship evolves even more in Season 4 of "Outer Banks."