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Ted Lasso S3: [SPOILER'S] Exit Couldn't Have Happened At A Better Time

Contains spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 5 – "Signs"

The hits keep coming for the Greyhounds in "Ted Lasso" this week, and they're only going to get harder following the departure of the team's recently signed star. After a disastrous defeat from West Ham in last week's episode, AFC Richmond took another hit, and just after that, Zava (Maximilian Osinski) provided another proverbial pep talk to the team. For the speaker, though, it wasn't enough, and the next match saw Richmond without their new addition after Zava released news that he'd retired from football altogether.

The announcement understandably left some of the players rattled, with their best goal scorer assuring fans that he was never going back on the pitch and Richmond believing that their last chance at a rise back to the top had vanished.

Now, while such a decision would prove to be a logistical nightmare in real football, the departure was quickly swept under the rug, with Colin taking Zava's spot and Ted giving them a mental boost, as is sometimes needed in that locker room. Same old, same old, right? Good. Because in hindsight, Zava leaving was a creative choice that was a long time coming and could be a blessing in disguise for some key players and characters within the team.

Zava leaving finally gives Jamie time to shine

We can't be the only ones that thought Zava's stoic soccer schtick was getting really old, really fast. The recurring joke of him spouting nonsense that left the team in a mix of awe and confusion stopped being funny after its third try. It also became a point of frustration not just for the viewers but for one player still trying to redeem himself; Phil Dunster's Jamie Tartt was the only team member not drawn to Zava, no matter how he performed on the pitch. Even though the tried and tested tactic of "getting the ball to Zava" proved successful initially, Jamie quickly acknowledged that it didn't benefit the team and that going out on a united front was a much better tactic.

More importantly, seeing this new golden boy get all the wins has pushed Jamie to want to be a better player, a mission he isn't alone in. Finally, Roy (Brett Goldstein) and Jamie, work-wise at least, are on the same page in achieving what's necessary to get Richmond and Jamie to a better place than they have been. Doing so will not only allow the team to get back on course and actually deserve a Premier League win but could also put Jamie on the path to being in a position some may have never expected: A true team leader.

Jamie's personal development could earn him a captaincy

With absolutely no disrespect to team captain Isaac (Kola Bokinni), if Jamie carries on the way he's going he could find himself in a position not even Ted could've predicted two seasons ago — a player the team turns to when things get hard. If that is the case, then it's only fair that such a leadership status would earn him the armband to go with it.

Back in Season 2, when Roy handed over his captaincy, Jamie was the last person on the list he'd give it to. Now things have changed, and, most of all, so has Jamie. Considering this, it would be mighty poetic if the once-hot shot rival reaches a level his new friend and mentor once had. The show is clearly en route to fortify the bond between these former foes that has fans ecstatic and excited, and doing so might bring things full circle. 

As a result, it'll establish a level of respect not just from Kent but from the rest of the team who need to be reminded that sometimes it doesn't take one in a million to win. All they need to remember is they're all one of eleven, and together they can make the comeback we know they're capable of, Zava or not.