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The Marvels Theory: Carol Danvers Lands On Aladna, Where We'll Meet Prince Yan

Theorizing about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is arguably half the fun of watching the movies, and when it comes to the forthcoming "The Marvels" film, it's arguably no exception. The first trailer for the follow-up film to both "Captain Marvel" and "Ms. Marvel" dropped recently and there's been a lot of endless analysis over the movie and what it'll accomplish. It's also led to theories that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) will land on Aladna and meet none other than Prince Yan.

ScreenCrush has recently pushed this theory forward after the release of the first trailer, and it's widely been speculated around the internet that he'll be played by Park Seo-Joon, who briefly appears in the trailer. However, they're hardly the first outlet to speculate on this, either. FandomWire pushed the idea that Seo-Joon would play Prince Yan back in December of 2022. Of course, none of this has been confirmed one way or another, and Seo-Joon's exact role in "The Marvels" is still unknown, but it would absolutely make a certain amount of sense. And it would add a new, interesting layer to the MCU overall.

Prince Yan's introduction could add some musicality to the MCU

Whether or not Prince Yan actually is introduced in "The Marvels" or not, the idea of bringing the character and his home planet of Aladna to the MCU properly is an intriguing idea, especially if it follows the source material. In the comics, the inhabitants of Aladna communicate via song and rhyme (via Marvel Database). This could add a musical layer to the film, which would be close to a first for the MCU. In fact, the trailer itself features what appears to be some sort of dance sequence, and it looks a lot like the planet that Carol Danvers finds herself on.

Not only that, but it also looks suspiciously like the planet where Park Seo-Joon's character resides. Again, there's no real way to be sure if his character is Prince Yan or if "The Marvels" will embrace the musical side of life, but if any film in the MCU is going to do it, it would certainly make a certain amount of sense for it to be this one. The trailer indicates that this film will be something of a light-hearted affair, and the inclusion of Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) adds to that vibe. But Marvel has also been known to be heavily misleading with its trailers in the past, so it could really go any direction at this point.