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What's The Song In The Continental Teaser Trailer?

"John Wick," which began as a simple tale of the world's most vengeful dog owner, has blossomed into a complex world of assassins and their violent, wonderfully strange traditions and highly developed codes of honor. "The Continental," the upcoming "John Wick" prequel series that is set to premiere on Peacock in September 2023, is geared specifically towards fans who are interested in the franchise's intense worldbuilding.

The teaser trailer for "The Continental" offers a first peek at the origins of the storied Continental Hotel. The whole teaser is soundtracked by the propulsive disco grooves of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love," firmly positioning "The Continental" in its 1970s setting.

The three-part event looks to be just as bloody as its forebears, with plenty of gunfire, katanas, and punches thrown in the 45-second spot. Colin Woodell also makes his first appearance as a young Winston looking to rise up the hotel's ranks.

Donna Summer takes The Continental back to the '70s

Known as the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer was an unstoppable force in the 1970s and 1980s, churning out hits like "Last Dance," "Bad Girls," and "Dim All the Lights" and dominating the charts.

Summer is an appropriate choice to soundtrack the teaser for "The Continental," given that she is nearly synonymous with New York's 1970s disco boom. To the tune of the heady pulse of "I Feel Love," strangers exchange covert glances and fire off rounds in New York's smoky underground. Released in 1977 – two years after "The Continental" takes place — "I Feel Love" was the mirror-covered beating heart of disco's epicenter, part sweaty and paranoid, part undeniably sexy.

Summer was a regular at Studio 54, and the teaser tips its hat to the storied venue, even including a guest on a white horse à la the famous photo of Bianca Jagger. "John Wick" has always been fond of fight scenes set in dance clubs, with patrons dancing uncaringly in the background. With the Donna Summer-inflected trailer, "The Continental" might just include the first brawl set to disco.