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True Detective: Night Country's Trailer Proves The Series Is Back On Track

Nic Pizzolatto's "True Detective" anthology is a rollercoaster of a series, in more ways than one. For every "True Detective" cop that's meticulously brought to life by heavyweights like Mahershala Ali and Matthew McConaghey, there's a bit grey mass of characters who struggle to rise above. For every stellar "True Detective" Season 1, there's ... well, a "True Detective" Season 2

That latter part, in particular, is a bit of a problem, considering that there are only three seasons of the show. Despite a valiant struggle by Season 3, Pizzolatto has never really managed to rise to the pop culture heights of Rust Cohle (McConaghey) and Marty Hart's (Woody Harrelson) occult adventures in Louisiana. Now, however, the show's years in the not-creepy-enough wilderness might just be over. A new trailer for "True Detective: Night Country" just dropped, and from the looks of it, fans can expect nothing short of a full return to form. 

True Detective: Night Country shows just how frightening Alaska can be

The teaser trailer for "True Detective: Night Country" introduces us to the season's setting, which couldn't be more appropriate. Alaska during the lengthy period of seasonal darkness is an appropriate locale for all sorts of terrors, but as the characters in the teaser note, this time things are much weirder than usual. 

Fans of truly creepy detective drama can expect everything a "True Detective" show does best. There are mysterious deaths. At 1:19, there's a strange spiral occult symbol that looks very much like some of the ones in Season 1. As a nod to the new locale, there's also a character who falls through the ice in a very fatal-looking fashion, seemingly because they're deliberately punching through it. Even the eccentric cops investigating the crime are present and accounted for, courtesy of Detective Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Detective Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis). 

"True Detective: Night Country" will premiere later this year, so Pizzolatto fans might want to start bracing themselves for one of 2023's buzziest crime dramas.